Global catastrophe and the death of civilization in 2050

“The forecast for the 2040 is the three Fridays 13, it’s an overcast”
Anecdote about the end of the world.

This article is not a meteorological forecast, but it is written on the basis of statistical studies. Scientists predict that the population of the Earth in 2050 will reach 9 billion. The development of medical technology.

This will be the case for food on the planet. Since the water is out of the water Deficiency of products will be accompanied by degradation of the natural environment. Armed social confrontation.

This is not a rainbow forecast given by the UK insurance company.Lloyds, With the support of the government of Great Britain and the USA. The order of the specialists specialists published a report. Growth of dangerous natural processes and phenomena. According to scientists, to reduce the amount of energy, to reduce the amount of energy and water. Leading to terrorist attacks.

It is important to note that there is a possibility of avoiding food and water.

The famous naturalist and researcher also agrees with the conclusions of the company “Lloyds” David attenborough. In 2013, his weekly Radio Times. It will be up to us soon. It’s not a problem. To a greater extent, people themselves are guilty of climatic anomalies, ignoring the hints of nature. Attenborough’s viewpoint is in various fields of science.

Well-known theoretical physicist Stephen hawking argued that before the “Doomsday” mankind had only 100 years left.

So let’s take a closer look at the pro scenario. global catastrophes.

First of all, scientists pay special attention natural disasters. There will be a shortage of water and agricultural land will collapse. Similar events have already happened in 2002, in southeastern Australia and Asia.

The heat of the fall of the monsoon precipitation was halved due to drought. Precipitation. In Australia, the country has been a negative impact on agricultural welfare.

The next problem, which is, inevitable is the economic crisis. A limited amount of water is taken into account.

Economists predict that legumes will be quadruple in value compared with 2000. Rice will increase by five times. Hunger riots will take place throughout Latin America and the Middle East. It is not clear that the grain is worn. Huge financial situation.

According to a series of natural disasters. The wave of terrorist attacks and food shortages will significantly reduce the population of the earth.

But this is not all the pessimistic forecasts of scientists:

  • Kenya distribution of food stocks. To get out of this situation, the troops will be entered. Will be a ban on movement. There will be a series of explosions in Nairobi mobile vehicles.
  • Report predicts a change in government South sudan. Will begin large-scale hostilities radical Islamist group “Boko haram“This will be a number of violence.” in Nigeria.
  • Nationalist politicians and Pakistani media blame India in the country. Tensions between the countries of Pakistan and India will increase.
  • Terrorist group “Lashkar-i-taiba”(Banned in Russia) organizes a match for the Indian Premier League, later explaining the aggression against the Pakistani people. After this incident, the League matches will stop.

The Insurge Intelligence. Dr. Alan Jones, Director of the University of EnglandAnglia Ruskin University), reported that the global economy expects us global catastrophe. According to the international economic system.

If you want to find out how to do so, it’s possible.

Global catastrophe and the death of civilization in 2050

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