Glue BF-6. Extra liquid skin patch

It has been a long time since it was possible to use it. Of course, it is easier to find, that is, wood resin. This is a way to tighten and protect skin. It was dried out for a long time and was often inaccessible.

Therefore, it is not necessary to supervise it. It turned out badly, because the toxicity of 2-cyanoacrylate, because it caused allergic reactions. But during World War II, Soviet chemists developed a special glue based on phenolic polyvinyl butyral. They were received. And then they realized that glue bf-6 can be used to treat wounds. Yes, 6 is the percentage of polyvinyl butyral in the reference solids. The higher it is the seam is more elastic.

So, to begin with about jobs. Glue BF-6 it is extremely toxic preservative. Therefore, it is especially sensitive to people who may be allergic as a result of applying adhesive. You must also avoid a huge amount of water.

The generic term “glue for wounds” combines two completely different types of adhesives. The first is based on octyl-2-cyanoacrylate. Unlike its early ancestors, it is not toxic. And the second is the BF itself. Both adhesives have approximately equal health effects. It is not necessary to focus on BF-6 glue.

Wrinkle remembering it. Do not have time to harden. Therefore, first stop the bleeding, and small capillary too. Sock for cotton or cotton with similar means. Gently put it on the wound. It covers the wound surface. Actually, everything. It is 2-3 days when it’s necessary to rip it off.

Glue BF-6 It protects against water from outside. However, with extensive skin lesions, it is weakly effective. Also do not apply skin damage. This is a minority of cases for minor injuries. glue bf-6 performs great.

Now about personal experience. Directly from BF-6 glue I didn’t have to face it New-Skin liquid Bandage, used repeatedly. I cann’t find out what I can do for a first time. It is a bit different, but I was completely satisfied with the effect. It wasn’t wrinkled.

But back to glue bf-6. Videos periodically appear on the Internet, BF-2, BF-4, cyanoacrylate. So do not be idiots and try to repeat it. BF-6 – from 50 to 100 rubles. There are several orders of magnitude greater. Yes, of course, at one time in Vietnam, glued wounds with such glue, but they had no choice. Put your life in additional danger.

Summarizing. Glue BF-6 It has been shown that it has been possible to obtain it. And this tool is cheap, easy and effective.

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