Grade test SERE Survival Specialist from the school SERE CSAR Survival School.


2. Lead.
This qualification test is organized and conducted by the survival school “S.E.R.E. C.S.A.R. SURVIVAL SCHOOL ”as part of the S.E.R.E. course as a qualification measure for practical testing of knowledge and skills for survival.

3. Time and place.
The event is held from January 6 to January 8, 2017 in the sparsely populated forest area of ​​the Kiev region.

4. Conditions.
The event will take place with any number of participants and in any weather. There are two stages of the event..
Individual preparation and survival. The task is to independently reach the given landmarks, organize a parking place and spend the night, and to reach the base camp location until a certain date.
Group survival and mutual assistance. The task is to complete the instructor’s tasks to ensure the survival of the group.

5. Participants and necessary equipment.
Everyone is allowed to participate over the age of 18 years, possessing knowledge and practical skills for survival, ready for high physical and psychological stress, without serious chronic diseases.

You must have with you.
1. Mobile phone.
2. GPS navigator (can be an application in a mobile phone).
3. Manned NAZ.
4. Spare clothing set.
5. Equipment required for two overnight stays in the field.
6. KLMN (mug, spoon, bowl, knife).

6. Procedure.
Participants with their equipment gather at the gathering place for a briefing (a detailed description of the tasks and the procedure for passing the test) and equipment equipment. Before leaving, each participant will be asked to take any three items from their equipment, not including clothes.

The item of equipment includes a single item or a group of items structurally designed for use with each other (for example, a flint with an armchair, a multi-function knife, multi-tool, etc.). These items do not include: various sets or things with the possibility of their separate use, structural elements that can be used separately (for example, NAZ, sets of dishes, non-constructive windings with a paracord, etc.).

Clothing includes: any underwear and socks, outerwear and a hat (including a bandana) and shoes that are worn on oneself. Food, water and cigarettes are considered as a separate item. To ensure security, a personal emergency kit will be formed from the personal belongings of the participant, consisting of:

Mobile phone.
GPS devices.
Signal whistle.
Medical kit
Emergency food.

All items listed will be packed in airtight packaging. The use of this kit is allowed only in an emergency, while the participant is evacuated to the base camp and the test is considered failed. All excess items found before the start will be seized! After a briefing and distribution of equipment, participants in a special transport move to the venue and begin the test. The remaining equipment of the participants is transported to the base camp in a separate vehicle.

At the venue of the event, a base camp will be organized, in which there will be bivouac equipment of participants, evacuation vehicles, a heating and eating point. In the event of a participant dropping out, he will be evacuated to the base camp, where he can use his camping equipment without restriction, and is provided with hot meals. After the test, a “buffet” is provided with an ear and other dishes of camp cuisine.

7. Event program.
January 06, 2017
09.00 – 10.00 Meeting of participants at the gathering place.
10.00 – 11.00 Briefing and equipment.
11.00 – 12.30 Transfer to the venue.
12.30 ……… The first part of the test.
January 07, 2017
11.00 Gathering of participants in the base camp.
11.00 – 21.00 Performance of the second part of the test “S.E.R.E. Survival Specialist ».
21.00 Hang up.
January 08, 2017
09.00 Climb.
09.30 – 10.00 Summing up.
10.00 – 13.00 Awarding of participants, buffet.
13.00 – 14.00 Departure from the venue.

8. Definition of results and rewarding.
The test is conducted on the principle of offset / no offset. The test is considered failed if.

Identify scams during the test.
Autopsy participant emergency emergency kit.
Voluntary refusal of further participation.
The threat to the life and health of the participant.
By decision of the judge and at least two test participants.

Participants who successfully pass the test will be awarded the S.E.R.E. Survival Specialist “by S.E.R.E. C.S.A.R. SURVIVAL SCHOOL, and certificates of completion of the course “SURVIVAL” under the program S.E.R.E. (course participants only). Qualification “S.E.R.E. Survival Specialist ”entitles you to a 25% discount on all school events and the opportunity to take a free methodological course for instructors at the S.E.R.E. C.S.A.R. SURVIVAL SCHOOL ».

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