Grandfather Tryphon Types of Bonfires

Shoes for a long time. And you don’t like the bag of salt. But the grandfather-mushroom picker will come out, and even immediately realize: the salagi. No, not because bezusye. And just look at your fire. And that’s all – the diagnosis is ready.

Because it is by type of fire You can judge the experience of a tourist. You will not cook the soup of a full carcass? From the floorboard plate? That’s right, skills, tools and materials? The bonfire is also very relevant. If you’re a friend, you’ve been making it for you.

After all bonfire – this is a tool. In each case it is different. If you’re trying to save her. It is assigned to it. I suggest you consider the most famous types of fires.

Free fires

You will follow the route and schedule. It is still a bit far away. It is a clearing where you can rest. Hooray! Down with the backpack. Collecting boughs and twigs. Halt.

Bonfire “Hut”

with a “hut” type fire. It is piled up on the ground; The line has been placed on the ground ends. kindling. Such a fire gives a big and fast flame. Dry it. But it burns very quickly.

Hunter’s hearth

the center of the hunter “. It is a distance of 10-15 cm from each other. It is a fragrant tea that is ready to be spirits.

Rested, chewed, and go. There will be a lot of fun here in the campsite. sitting by the fire. With all the subtleties and conventions. For example, as “kitchen”.

Bonfires for cooking

Kitchen fire

you start the campfire from the camp fire, only bigger. It should be noted that it is already flared. So you can cook several dishes at once. The gas in the stove.

Bonfire “Trench”

The campfire is windy weather. For him, you can tear yourself away from the groove on the ground. It is recommended that you always have a “toned” flame. It’s possible that you can regulate the amount of water over the fire.

Bonfire “Pit”

fire – here for you, potatoes, for example, potatoes. Do you like potatoes baked in the fire? And the spit on the rattles, set over the pit, will help you even bake fish or meat.

If you are in the carpathians, you can’t be darkened by a cold or bronchitis at all. Will help you arrange the following types of fires.

Bonfires for heating and drying

Bonfire “Nodia”

The bonfire is very popular in the regions and the taiga. Usually they are used the hunters and trappers. Meter pegs are driven into ground in pairs. The first 2 with a distance of 10-30 cm between them. The second pair is the distance of 1-2 meters. It depends on the thickness of these logs. Pegs in the form of a wall. Already warmed up? That’s not all! You set the clothes on. For everyone.

Bonfire Reflector

bonfire, and at an angle of 90 ° to the surface.

This fire-reflector gives you a lot of heat. And alone is just an indispensable option for overnight stay in the forest. Back up your back flame you will be very warm and cozy.

Bonfire “Pyramid”

Hey, hey, hey, hey? Thinner pollens are not tightly placed to each other. On the third floor, you laid out the third floor, etc. Rising in height, cross-section.

Where there is a fire, it is possible to achieve a long burning wall.

Bonfire “Star”

This bonfire it is not necessary to choose a firewood. birch trees or pine trees.

Taiga bonfire

A bonfire – yes even a hut. We’ve been harvesting along the canopy for the coals. Star-shaped and downwind. This bonfire is good because it’s long enough.­The heat without heatwood gives it a lot of space.

ALWAYS adhere to the following rules:

  • Bonfire should protect from strong winds;
  • Campfire should be provided air access, otherwise it will burn and smoke badly;
  • For heating it is better to breed wide bonfire, and for cooking – a small cone;
  • Never Do not leave bonfire unattended.

Here, perhaps, for beginners. I hope you know what you need. I will read you a poem Michael treger about the fire.


To make a fire
It’s not enough to remove the matches,
To make a fire
It is not enough to take firewood,
This fire is cunning,
He hides his habits,
How to hide the evil devil
Where the “fire-grass” burns.

To make a fire
I need a cold and I need an evening
That means you need one
Who is cold and dark
And the fire continues to dispute,
Where there is nothing to be saved
Well, who’s going to fire it up
This is all the same.

You can confuse the continents
With multiplication confused division,
Life is fun big lyceum
Everything will fix, but
All the alchemists, contrary to
You do not confuse smolder
This will only affect the end
Where to fix is ​​not given.

And now exactly goodbye. Yes, and you can be healthy to me!

The article “The Vyzhivshchika”.

Grandfather Tryphon Types of Bonfires

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