Gray Man Concept: Gray Man Psychology

About the already (or again) zadolbavshey all topics “Gray Man”. You can “bury the stewardess.”

As I always said, so I say “Gray Man” It is not in the equipment. Even taking for example oneself. I cann’t be noticed and I’m not demeanor.

The point is not the person who is dressed up. Sneakers from a rural supermarket. As well as the man tactical shoes and clothes, may not be completely perceived by others.

It is not a problem.

We also do not take into account the inventory component. It is clear that it is clear. The main thing is that it is significantly different.

We also do not take into account wearable gear and armament. Edc kits, first-aid kits, knives, means of self-defense, weapons. It is clear. But then again, it all depends on the environment. Ingram, NC and Aksu in suitcases, as well as other hidden wearing toys, thought out for a reason. It is also selected in accordance with the situation.

Key questions with concept “Gray Man” lie in two factors:

  • we need to be invisible among people.
  • we need to hide among people.

The first question is quite simple. And it’s not just provocatively. No proud postures and no direct views. The light of the crowd. And, please note, do not rush into the eyes.

I love you. Very quietly, yes.I love you. Very quietly, yes.

Most of the people selected tactical. Do not pay attention to the shirt. And if there is no clothes Velcro, then, most likely, they will not be the case. The person is behave. If it’s not fundamentally different from what is around. It is your choice.

And speaking directly to the concept “Gray Man” you cann’t be interested in it. You can’t get it.

The second question is a bit more complicated. It needs to hide. It is to hide. That is, they are looking for him. It means that it’s not a problem. Overnight stays / halts / stops. Everything will be limited to stealth movements.

There is also a third aspect. These are the ones passive and active victimization. In our direction. Make it out of the surrounding situation. What is the situation? What is the situation? There are always some key points. Proceeding from which the situation will develop. And, as a rule, we cannot be influenced by this development.

If you have something to do with it? In short, this is a person. Help to ignore a person. But even in this case, it will be a lot more.

In short, what is happening now as a concept “Gray Man” – this is overwhelmingly marketing. Yes, gray clothes. Yes, equipment for hidden wearing.
But the joke is that in reality “Gray Man” – This is a model of behavior. You cant buy it, wear it immediately. This is a skill. Which needs to be received, trained and developed.

Own security

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