Gray Man Concept: Gray Man’s Behavior

Continuing the theme of Gray man concept.

It is “wearing all gray”, but on changing behavior patterns.

This is an example of how to reduce this. It can be identified and, possibly, sought. As you understand, clothing and equipment in this case is very secondary. If it is possible, it can be unnoticeably dropped. You can’t get a shot.

It is also possible to use. focal point effect, memorize faces. And after resetting this very “parrot”, you completely merge with the environment.

It is not possible to carry out a clear identification by appearance. Need to be right behavior model.

The first is posture. No proudly straightened backs – light stoop, in this case, “ours”.

The second is the position of the head. It can be seen along with the stoop. No more. The caps are pulled down over your eyes. Immediately for suspicion and fear. It will be possible that you will be able to make it up.

Wash off, make up, replace pants, fasten a hat - and who will recognize him now?Wash off, make up, replace pants, fasten a hat – and who will recognize him now?

The third is the choice of direction. It is clear that where you need it. Naturally, you go through the crowd carefully, not pushing aside, but leaking out. You should look for descriptions yourself. Again, always choose direct directions of movement.

Fourth – the manner of moving. Do not try to move on and on, quite a bit deliberately harsh (no, not a robot, werther, but a little). If you look around, you are quite jerky and jerking. Therefore, a person who has smoothly slides between questions. Get these burned fighters and hand-to-hand fighters.

Fifth – hold something in your hands, small and noticeable. And, most importantly, you can’t always be a pity. What for? It is a rule of thumb. And a person who behaves this way is less dangerous. Distracts from the general perception of man. “What” is clearly interpreted harmlessly.

Becoming part of the crowd is not difficult. It is difficult to continue.Becoming part of the crowd is not difficult. It is difficult to continue.

The sixth is safe behavior. Safe not for you. If you decide to work in the mode “Gray Man”, it is a danger to others. If you’re a bit more complicated, you’ll be more complicated, but you’ll be

  • You avoid looking at others directly.
  • You can clearly go to a person (in a free and unsaturated area). Avoid direct traffic.
  • Try to leave any elements of equipment (pouches, knives, first-aid kits, etc.).
  • Oddly enough, but shouldn’t be as accessible as possible (at least caps, glasses).

This is approximately (!!!) the base (!!!), that is, approximately 5% (!!!) Gray man concept and how to be. As you, I hope, I understand, you can understand the cloud of subparagraphs. So this is it “Gray Man”, Notebooks and backpacks. Akatsy into them.

And in the end, the concept is pure marketing. In general, it’s not important. What matters is how you behave. Although, of course, it will be difficult to be invisible in a city.

Own security

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