Gray man concept: Pitfalls for a gray man

The very essence of the concept “Gray man” is to avoid the traps. However, there are no roads and there are dangerous turns on the “gray” path too. It is a question of how much you think about it. gray image.

It’s not a problem.
Another warning is that you can partly consider a cycle of publications:

Once again that in Gray concept There are certain limitations:

  • no matter how much it can sound;
  • The Brownian movement.

This is an explanation of the amount of interest that is derived. Obviously, it can be a threat, it can be a threat, it can be a threat, it can be a threat, even one

Basic traps when trying to follow gray image – this:

  • pseudo-gray things
  • missing an observer pattern
  • dropping out of the image when adding up

Gray man wear, it certainly ain’t.
Dave merrill

Paradox gray of things (whatever they are called, sneaky, concealed, covert, discreet, greyman, diversion, CCW, plain, low-profile) tongue. Velcro, attachment PALs –

Great thing, right? But attention attracts ...Great thing, right? But attention attracts …

It doesn’t seem to be the original idea? After all, clothes are no longer in uniform? However, that’s not the case. It can be clear that it can be detached and it can be detached. It can be seen in the past.

“I don’t want anyone to know I’m carrying a gun
but I’m an attention color
and discretely announce I’m probably armed. ”
Mad duo Chris

It is a more difficult case. I’m armed. This is, for the bags, bags of bearing pistols (and revolvers, yes). I do not writehidden wearing“Because such bags themselves give out, therefore excluding all secrets. What kind? It is a suspension system. But it is quite natural for quick weapon removal.

This bag is also suspicious.This bag is also suspicious.

Yes, short-barreled firearms It is not clear that there is a lot of light in the minds of passersby. But it’s grown up and the archetype “ganzova self-defender“Bristling with cans, kubotanami, injuries, push-daggers, UDARS and skladnikami with a reliable lock. The pseudo-weapon style bags.

Separately, it’s worth touching such a piece of equipment as an elongated backpack, designed for carrying a carbine. How can I put it more softly, ears stick out. This backpack will not deceive anyone; it doesn’t look like ordinary at all. Not at all, negative, in any case. It is not a problem.

Be honest with yourself: if it is a knit out line, then it is not gray.

“I don’t like this goose …”
k / f “Passport”

It is necessary to remind that “Grayness” image can only be seen on the current particular environment. There is a norm, and that is no. The situation dictates the observer How do these truths come together? gray gear?

That’s how – gray image It does not consist of gray things. Sounds against logic? Hardly. Non-gray equipment. Each one of them fits well in a very specific environment, while the other fits badly.

It is a question. gray man. If you’re a little bit different, you’ll be Who can be observers, his goals gray image? Patrol officers, let’s say, yes, I’m not interested, I’m not interested, I’m not sure, They may be interested in a couple of them. Well, it’s not a cut-off. Criminality – it is a way to make money and you can make money. It is simply not necessary, except for what is annoying. What unites their gaze into the crowd? Their manner of labeling what they see. It just makes one react. A certain standard of the area. Remember the first limitation mentioned at the beginning of the article? On gray man they will look and subconsciously sift through a sieve of types. If he doesn’t get in it, he will be seen.

Always try to be part of the crowd.Always try to be part of the crowd.

It is true that you’re talking about it. Moreover, their combination. Even if you’re thinking about what to choose. It is possible that it can be a label. This is what you saw. What does not get the label, and accordingly, does not get the label.

It has been the day when it’s time to use it. have seen the tactical security officials. Sometimes it is not possible to identify it. You can imagine the hypothetical situations of your imagination.

Remember – not for yourself, but for those around you. Consider their tastes, do not disappoint them!

– What does he have in his nasty dirty pockets ?!

Gray man, in any case of passerby. Once there is a flashlight, this is a first-aid kit, it can be used at all times. The abundance of items compared to philistine EDC (keys, mobile phone, wallet) in the style of the end of the world? ”(take care, how are they guessed?). All this needs to be put somewhere. This is often a volume.

This is not a socially acceptable situation. For women and women, for women, for women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women, women; And all the more nonrandom.

“What do you guys have in backpacks?”
from E. Gil’s repertoire

If a gray man He has a lot of things to do for a long time. If you’re a Scottevest or Airport Jacket?

Very comfortable backpack. But, again, attracts attentionVery comfortable backpack. But, again, attracts attention

Except for a translucent plastic bag, therefore it has increased attention. There is no need for a backpack or shoulder bag. In the case of a person who has been an observer.

In particular, this is the case of the case, on the sides or on the frontal edge.

There are a lot of ways to wear your backpack. It is not clear that there is a need to wear it down on the bottom of the bag. It makes you feel like it’s uncomfortable.

Learn how to carry a bag.

Own security

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