Great era of consumption

I dare to assume that I’m not a tactful. But if you still understand, you can’t get it. If you’ve seen the forest.

The text deliberately contains profanity.

Dedicated to all residents of megacities

You can’t buy a car at that time. And what can I say? It’s not possible to live like this. At the same time, you are managed. Forgotten that everyone is part of it.

In your concrete cities, you turned into a faceless creatures compassion just by watching TV. But where is the distance, do you want to go?

Every evening you are safe. But we all understand that.

It is a peace and a peace of mind. Well, yes, yes, yes your personal property. It is your capsule. By the way? what about credit? Already extinguished? Ah – no, still pay … Well, then – success. Not crush, not crush, not crush

And you did not smell in their cities. But he is. It is not the day of the decay and the decomposition of the lost souls. Yes, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. It does not smell of you. To know here just from whom?

Interestingly, you have not bought any travel bags? If you’re looking for food, you’re not sure about it. Or maybe it is worth updating the furniture? And then some shabby already become, and tired. Not! I figured it out! And can you buy another car on credit? But only necessarily new! What little things! Otherwise, it’s probably boring. Children, now they are potter with it.

And damn it with the car. I am not talking about that. Tell me this: – Have you ever thought better? Oh, no, no, I’m not talking about material wealth at all. I’m talking about each other.

And here you will it all, but how is it? After all, we’ve been so polite and so courteous. But who are we kidding? Is that yourself. But who, if not we, is well aware of the whole impartial truth. The hypocritical lies actually lie.

And we’re admit weakly that we have become egoists, we have become owners, we have become consumers? It is not a question of any kind. It is a little talk and nothing more! Not? I am deeply mistaken? It is still here?

Ah, you thought you would remove it for you. All these papers, cigarette butts, cans, bottles and other. His last name is Goridze, and his name is Zavas. Let me guess. If you want to make up your car for a few days, you can’t make up your house? Do you really think so? So, all this naive shit! That’s all I can tell you about this. Maybe you already guessed why? That’s right … because we all fuck nobody needs. I hope for you? Strangle anyone in our friendly arms.

About animals and garbage

By the way, do you like animals? I love them, for example, I love them. It is very sincere and faithful, I wonder if this is not the beginnings of monotheism? During my life I have seen many of their animals.

Hundreds of thousands of years, Do their gods – betrayed them. Did you know what they gave you? There is a lot of fun and tear. It seems to be the Roman Empire smacks, in times of prosperity of the Colosseum? Or not, something else smacks?

What do you want to produce after the day? This is the most wonderful way? And I can tell you where we live. Yes, damn, we do not do anything with them! Practically 90% of household waste and energy saving And not because we have nowhere else to go. But because we do not care. And on the environment of the resources of the planet. This is a county of landmarks for our children and grandchildren. Let them rake all this shitty legacy.

Yes, why are there dead animals or landfills. Think of nothing. We don’t even need to give you a peace of mind. And do not build any illusions. They are not allowed to pay for their decaying society. It would be a great pleasure. Although it is a greedy hypocrites, it must be faithfully serve the whole of society.

And even more from the government. Oh, didn’t you know about this? Come on, okay – I’m kidding. Of course they did. Still not to know! After all, they love us very much. They love their eternally dissatisfied herd, so that they couldn’t give them the most bestial existence. What did you think? It seems that we deserve nothing more!

Something I still kept silent. Once again. But, oh well – I will say. I like the emperor, I love you and the petty bourgeois. And then as many as one hundred and forty million two-legs. This is of course if we talk about our corral. Bang more. It has been noted that it has been I know that is not funny. But – the truth.

For those who haven’t been in the field of Cheburashek. But the most funny thing in the other. After the war, for example, it will be up to under arms. Have you ever seen a locust migration? Then you understood me …

How do they live?

So. Something we are very distracted. We return back to our sinful Plyuk. What does it mean for most of peh? You can get a double “ku” with happy faces. It is not so easy. Here it is all the power rests on Plyuk.

And it’s a joyous patsaks run, rush, rush, rush, rush,. But nothing, this stupid patsakov does not frighten. It is a chetlan, it’s a bit ticking,

And then they carry, dragging, unwillingly, honestly earned banks. After all, they will be silently silently. But once usury was severely punished at the state level! Where are those glorious days? Yes, what really there. The sovereigns are not the same.

Unhappy young parents carry their “free” medicine. Here is such a cycle of shit in nature. Well, in the sense of money. Oh, completely forgot to mention your favorite building stores. Well, as without them. You love to do repairs. That one will fall off, then another. So there is already something to do on the weekend. It is not necessary to have a TV set.

But there are still bars where you can catch a smile. Well, yes, now it’s not a problem! Here they would also shoot them. I’m talking about whom? No, not glamorous. Prices have seen what now on glamor. Well, it’s hard. But drunk whole prorva. And it costs less money. If you are not snacking and quickly. And what. I love you to drink booze Come off, so in full! He didn’t grow.

Eh, Russian, mother – peremat. And have you ever wondered who are our people so generically supplies booze? Assistance to irrational mankind. If you are soldered, then it is necessary for you! ” As one friend used to say it!

So the new year was great to meet. He added that he was ready for a week. Well, what a great fun. Well nobody forbids. Run occasionally – you can live. That’s the way to live – fun, perky! After all, our people, it works best. Rather, it only turns out. Only this we are capable of. We bent, and we laugh. We were fucked at all, and we laugh. We don’t die, you can’t die. Here we have a masochistic sense of humor.

It’s not worth it. By the way, hello to those who have already been fired. So keep terpily! It is a woman who lives on his workbook. Nothing, we will break through, we will endure everything. How was it sung in the song?

“Harsh years go
Fight for freedom of the country –
Others come after them,
They will be difficult too. “

As they say: like democracy and freedom – get it! It is not necessary. Those who haven’t been fed anymore. It will be your children and grandchildren. It is a gossip to the 90s and demand it. But you are terpily! It’s not necessary to demand it. But you are even afraid to blast on this shitty flock of a young democrat.

Do you know why I am writing all this? Atrophied brain. – I don’t care. You can’t be able to find out how to do it. And the harder your reaction is, the better. I hurt your sick vanity. Or not? Or, as always, you will receive. This is also a good strategy. Why do you need care? It is so?

You, probably, will think so. Well, yes, this is partly true. At least you should have that impression. I’ll tell you a secret, I’m worse! But unlike you, I can honestly admit to myself. But you, as usual, do not have enough power. It’s a little fun.

It is clear that there is no problem. Well yes. And there is. This is a limp shit! You can list in the studio. And then I do not see anyone. Do you know why? It’s a degenerative decomposition of the masses. It is a good person. For all that’s going on in our country, we’re a complete personal responsibility! So all of us are imaginatively in this shit.

After all, we’ve been the crime lawyer, and we’re knowing what to say? It’s a bottom line. Yes Yes. Uncles in epaulets doing just that day by day.

Do you really think that this is the case for those of years, then most likely they’re doing something wrong? Or maybe they work. For example, the laws are too soft or, on the contrary, too restrictive laws. After all, it’s not a problem. It’s not a rule. So all these criminals live in freedom, doing their dirty work. Seeing the chaos, silently watching,

Have you ever thought about why evil exists in the world? There isn’t good for it. Without this reminder, we turn to meet personal needs. It turns out, it’s good for everyone, compassion, mutual aid. Forget about it. I’m just spoken. As usual, you will be distracted by urgent routine matters. It’s a no-brainer.

If you’re trying to make it clear, you can’t make it clear. Despise and not support renegades. He who is not the flock!

It doesn’t stand up and goes over the hill. And you know, I don’t blame these wimps. It is a matter of fact, that it is a matter of dirt, dirt, water, and dirt. Only there – over the hill, they will become citizens of the lower class. They are not worthy, they are not worthy. What do you think, come to all ready-made? Nooo! Hrenushki! Before you deserve something, begin gentlemen renegades from the very bottom of society. Feel the way to freedom and democracy.

Consumer rights

I am frigging. Of course they have no shit either freedom or rights. Well, yes, neatly and neatly in some places, but in general the same flocks of deceived sheep. In the west, it’s not a small amount of money. You want cleanliness and order – pay. Do you want social guarantees: education, medicine – pay. You have to pay for everything! What did you think? But hrenushki. Restore order. And we’re only capable of that, which the sheep themselves have chosen.

I don’t intend to. Somehow, even before the election, I’m not sure, they’ve been there. The same farmers themselves are subordinate. They are never chosen. Not your lamb mind. And I don’t think so – they think so about you. Naive you are mine.

While I am telling you about this. Or maybe you’re used to living in such a society? Maybe this is our style? Maybe we are designers? Well, if you’ve been a black sheep, you can’t get it. Be like everyone else! Live like everyone else! Obey like everyone else!

Well, yes, yes. Fiction is all mine. You are with us – others. You are special, not like everyone else. You are good. You always throw trash in the trash. You are always polite with everyone. You respect, value and love everyone. You always give up your place and turn. It is a dry land. And what happens? Suddenly holiness. There is a lot of love for you. Lectures for some time. Not? You do not want? Or also a muzzle in down?

But I’m behaving badly. And not because I do not care at all. Maybe I do it on purpose. I love you since you can not. Maybe I specifically provoke you to a scandal or quarrel. We allowed them to live in our country. It is not even capable of it!

Shouting and shouting Where did you come from? Have you ever thought that it is possible to live differently, without all this dirt. Or you are so bored Or maybe you’re fucking maniacs? They are you, You drive yourself quietly and don’t admit it to anyone.

That’s how you’re slowly degrading. If you’re not sure, you’ll need to make it a little bit more than a lazy ass. Degrade than to develop. It is easier to watch your weight. This is why it is easier to get down the drain.

It is much easier to choose a govnpravpolevitelstvo every five years. It is easier to go. It is easier to calmly and calmly. Children will notice that they will be most likely to be dangerous.

And then we wonder why our children have become weaker. Yes, you yourself have made them so! They are blindfolded. Oh no You just wanted a better life for them. And why are you so far away so brilliant? No no! Exactly you have lived your life, obviously not in vain. But the question is: Do you want this? Have you dreamed about this?

What to do?

He said that he had to go through the door. Excuses and promises. You, that fuckers dropped to listen to all this nonsense? Write it up. Last name, first name, signature and seal of double-headed hen. And let the damned Herods try not to do it. It’s for our money. What is weak?

And they are absolutely no money. It is always money. One-time crap. Yes, it is better to build with heels of children’s or sports fields. Like, no money again? Then let the bureaucrats cut their wages, because they still don’t work. The city has no money! What is the point then to work? It is heated by the batteries.

In short, if you’re told, you’re already bummed out. You demand and demand. Do you want to see it in India? Think of them. Well, to be honest, they just don’t want to share with you. Greedy they are very much and you have a lot of such. You will have to find out what to do. So it is. This is our unwritten total ban on universal development and prosperity.

What did you think? Type really no money? Naively. Building materials, raw materials, equipment, fuel, energy? Yes, all this rubble! This has always been here. It will be necessary to make it possible for the country. What is this not done? Just think carefully. With all my might.

And to think better, I’ll tell you more. Where do new tanks, aircraft, ships, factories and production facilities come from during the war? Them send us mail No, of course. They are simply taken from that country. Immemorial and completely free. Because it belongs to the state of society. Not? You say that we still pay someone for it. So who, then, if all this is ours?

Me a couple of foolish versions, one steeper than the other. Come on, come on, and I will listen. Joke Nichrome I will not listen to you. I know everything you say. But the thing is that you can’t say anything. It is a woman who knows how to be guilty of their troubles. That’s all that you can. That’s all that you have been taught in your classes.

And remember how you used to run after teachers. Remember, building an innocent pug. No, it was not like that? Well, you’re just an angel, not otherwise. So, who have not yet been understood, have been a weak flocked No, of course, you have your opinion, and what else. It is not allowed to express it, because it is not allowed. It is a good idea to choose a farm animal. This is the lot of shepherds, farmers and farm directors, but not yours! Now, have you seen your real status? I don’t call you and I’m not interested And for many of you, unfortunately,

Not? Check? We think you about him. Now! Did you hear? Tumbler clicked in your brain. Doom! About this I said. Said that is not allowed. There is no firmware for this lock. Large fish of morality to read.

Not without exception

Although there is a daredevil of clearing the authorities and the authorities. There is, I do not argue. But this courage appears when they are completely bored, when the terpilka is over and there is nothing to lose. And so neet for anything. Because of this, you can lose work. Woe is what. What will you live then. Go and die of hunger after a week of boredom. After all, our proletarian was not used to thinking about his mortal life. What is he doing? It is not necessary to climb into my head. There are many barinas now, slaves are required everywhere. It is clear that there has been a loss.

We then humans. Come on, forget what it’s like, we should have in life. This is not a stupid cattle. The mind and the thinking mind. Or forgot

Ran, shook at jams. I’ve forgotten that I’ve got it. But no, why should we bother ourselves again with nonsense. It’s better to read it. And it looks like you.

And dreams? What were your dreams and youth? To tell someone – they will be jealous. So where did it all go? I hope you will be happy and happy. Wasn’t that zombovizor?

Yes, what fun, what TVs, you say. We have families, children, relatives, affairs and cares, after all. There are some kind of dreams. That’s right, that’s right! The way it is. It is necessary to work, it is necessary to work.

Well, the family – you ask? Uncle or something? Noo, uncle feeds his family, your family didn’t give up to him. Uncle loves money in the morning. Learn not what the local poor. Uncle is fine. Only now money is always small. This stupid suckers. And stupid fuckers and they rush to carry him this money. What is our uncle, of course, very happy.

He doesn’t want to go to school, nor sports schools, nor sports schools, nor sports schools. It’s not a problem. Uncle Nichrome and this does not bother. Uncle everyone happy. So you will be satisfied with what you’ve seen before the terpilka falls off. Well, as it falls off, it will be too late. If you’re a smarter woman, you can’t get it out. And they wanted to shit, shit on all your objections. They will be far away from our quiet paradise. Where everything is just beginning.

Hen’t bend our knees then. Yes, such a country otgrohay that all other countries jealous. Well, there are ways to go; Charge for private construction.

Or maybe if you’re not in power then you’ll be shutting down. We will forbid you to be poisoned. Drug dealers will shoot, along with other criminal bastards of all stripes. And we will be judged by the law. So maybe we will fix the laws.

Maybe even raise salaries. Or not, it is no longer fashionable, as only fuckers do. It will be a good idea to make it. You can go to the toilet with them.

Taak, what else to do. All punished, all paid, all built. And, well, even for complete happiness, we will create a national idea. In! It becomes scary of ourselves. So that for centuries. Dig not dig. We can do it, we do it well. The leader must be good to find. At least for the restore order.

The main thing that managed to work out well. That had more time. Well, then, according to tradition, we must shoot him fast. So that nothing superfluous did not have time. And then they are. How to come to the filthy broom. Look what they thought of. All power to them give us sinners. Improve and improve.

We will later in the mausoleum. We’ll throw out, stinking already, I suppose. And we push a new one there. Yes, and ulyanych tired, come. Yes, and we have become a lot of years to stare. It is necessary to make the image of something. At the same time, it will be what people see.

So, how do you? ..

Well, it seems so normal. How do you think, eh? Can we? Overpower? Or wait a little more. Suddenly terpilka not quite withered. Okay, think for yourself. Evolution will forgive us everything. There is no hurry. How many times has it been evolved? Just think, there will be some more than a couple of thousand years will tolerate. Eco None We Were More. We will not be able to tolerate our children, they are also not accustomed. You can read more

About the “enter” I went too far, I guess. Well we never brought anyone. Do not take and do not give. Well, unless they ask for it themselves. And neither, nor. It’s all there, on top, bribe takers and corrupt officials. It is a freshly used toilet paper.

Oh, I envy you. Tomorrow will go to his beloved job. See your favorite boss and staff. Coffee And at the same time, working time will fly faster. And then lunch for a whole hour. Yes, go to smoke. Well, then you’ll be neighbors, spouses, kids, and little animals.

And finally, I want to say this:

Someday we will all surely die. You can’t even be born here. There could be more than countless people. There are also poets and philosophers, scientists and community scientists.

Nevertheless, it is we who constitute the happy part of humanity, which, despite everything, has managed to come into the world. But no! Every day we curse this world, lamenting it out.

Something I absolutely had stayed here with you. But I’m still thinking about how to get out of this illusory world. In general, good night to you. My dear two-legged creatures. How I love you all.

P.S. And yes, I completely forgot. It will be your peace of mind.

Great era of consumption

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