Great trip to Ukraine

Runs the road all ahead.
Where is she calling?
What is preparing a turn?
What pattern do you want?
Thousands of roads will merge
In one great way.
I know the beginning; and the result –
I find out somehow.


Where our eyes were. High noon tried So, our journey to Ukraine began.


It is clear that there has been a loss of light. We are going. Ship pines pink shine above the asphalt. It was slowly and no matter what time it was up to the harvesters, then it’s frogs, it’s possible to catch the mouse-vole. August – it’s time to harvest.

But the field with sunflowers. Imagine a whole field of fallen sunflowers. They are still hot, they are still hot. Loosely goat-hedgehogs-dolphins cover the horizon. It is stuffy. The cloud fell back on the hot asphalt, and so on again. Neither coolness nor relief. It is simply unrealistic. Neat, blooming in spring and summer, full of apples, pears, plums in the fall. Houses of various styles and colors. And the names! Kalinovka, Korolevka, Yasnogorodka, Milaevka, Dremaylovka … Stop in the forest to chew on sandwiches. We were immediately Tatars flew wasps. Infection, it hurts! Favorite knee, well, even though the sting is not left. We ran back to the road. Yellow thickets of goldenrod are pleasing to the eye,

stands parksnip stands.

And here he is, the city of Berdichev. The city is special, the only one. For more than 150 years, Yiddish. But the Poles and Ukrainians were considered outsiders, such as went for tea. It has been a great deal to make you know how much it is. It has its own gimmick – the monastery of the Discalced Carmelites. How many times we drove past.

Built in the 17th century, it was operated in 1926. It’s not so good. The revival of the monastery

But some outbuildings were in charge of music and hudozhectvennoy schools.

Berdychiv beer and beer. We are experienced tourists – we carry houses and blankets with us.

A wonderful forest area with centuries-old spruces and anthills up to 70 cm high. Birds crawling around our movements. It’s not hard to see the total hard-boiled. But good company and tasty beer! It is a bumblebee on the table. Fell he was offended to go around with us. But it wasn’t the rule of thumb, but it’s not necessary.


Morning in the forest, I’ll tell you lovely! You need a bunch of cones, and a lot of sun breaking through the branches. But for the sun, for the sun with diamond highlights.

We are met by the generous city of Vinnitsa.

Oh, and he gave us a kitten, pulled out from under the wheels of the minibus. It is a tiny monthly kotodite, a lot of green eyes, a lot of green eyes,

We had to pick it up, no matter how we looked. It was a woman’s health. It is each lady needs a dowry. To solve human issues, we successfully succeeded. N.I.Pirogov, and then his tomb. Crying it out for the embalmed body. But the museum camera practiced at full salary. This is, for example, the First World War.

But she didn’t have to be seen. It is wet cat food. But it is decided! Small portioned cream Look something like this. Stay overnight in a small roadside motel. This is simply because the distance. And so we bathed the cat too.

And now we are enjoying the well-deserved beer and relaxation.


The third day began with us not early. Kotorobenok and at night, too, requires to feed, change diapers, play. So I had to get sleep in the morning. Gathered and left quickly. And rode without any delays and arrivals. But lunch drove into the awesome hornbeam forest. It is no longer undergrowth. Lots of light, with a mysterious greenish gloom. Handsomely. It was five years ago that it was sharpened. Khotyn is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Just there we were too. But you take a trip, you will like it. But then we came to the glorious city of Chernivtsi …

… – be curious at the University …

Established under the Austrian monarch by decree of March 31, 1875. And then ambush it was not postponed for tomorrow. And there was a cold drink.


Beginning of the shallows Saying goodbye to a hospitable overnight stay University, I tell you, it’s very, very! Majestic outside and covered with a patina of times inside. The Blue Hall is just blue …

and the Marble Hall (or Synodal) is also updated and corrected.

But the Red Hall is worthy of admiration and just a separate story.

Will be able to – or even visit Polyubopytstvuyte – it’s worth it. She has been in the metropolitans of Bukovina and Dalmatia;

listened to church hymns in audio recordings. I am a non-religious person, in the Orthodox sense. But it sounds like a peace of mind. And then we wandered through it. I was proud if I studied here. Then,

… The girl didn’t make a scandal. Well, let! Huy sits in the naphthalene with its windows. And then – the way home. Telegraph tape holes with holes and bedsores. We haven’t cured. It’s in the evening. Overnight in the forest, and again in the way. This is where the eye catches on this monument.

The husband is called him “Kolkhoz apofigay”. What do you say?

Great trip to Ukraine

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