Green Zone Syndrome

Over the past 7 years, such a “disease” has spread very strongly among the PMC employees (Hthe asth AToeny TOcompanies), and just foreign military personnel. It is simply called – “Green Zone Syndrome

What is it?

The combat zone is divided into several sectors. What are you talking about? For the rest, I will explain.

Green zone

The zone is fully controlled by the military and police occupying forces. For example in Iraq it is 10 square meters. km in the center of Baghdad. Civilian personnel may be located in an unarmed zone or in minimal maintenance.

Yellow zone

Relative safety zone. That is, it is safe for armored vehicles (including light). It makes it possible for it to be a scourge. Only under heavy guard.

Red zone

Zone of active hostilities. That is, in this zone there is a constant combat activity of the enemy. The presence of civilians is considered unacceptable. Maximum – in the convoy passing through this zone. Although try to not even drive, in fact through the red zones. So, it’s not a problem. This is the case with the “red zone”. With all this, it must be recalled that the “operators” in the red zone appear disappearing rarely. Still, this is not their profile. These zones are naturally: with corpses and burned transport.

Therefore, most of the “experienced” fighters have a very specific experience. More like the experience of the guards than the military. But it is they who create the current trends in “military fashion”.

And since it has been the case, it has been the operator of the tactical equipment. It is from here that it’s possible to use it.

It makes you feel like being “Green Zone Syndrome“.

In order to understand that it’s not a matter of convoys and escorting, it’s not a matter of war, few can. More people understand, disappearing …

Green Zone Syndrome

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