Group tactics, urban combat

The basis for the coordinated work of the group in urban combat development of all significant issues. It means that at the same time, it is understood.

This is the most rigorous, uncompromising, realistic and professional training. The study of the mat. It will help you increase your chances of survival.

Use your skills in conducting tactics. urban combat, work with various types of weapons, equipment, communications, etc. If you want to study the material and improve it, then try it out.

Well-coordinated teamwork in a successor of any operation! This is among the guidelines for strategy and strategy. urban combat, then constantly stick to them.

One of the important factors is the “attritioning” of fighters to each other. There are two groups of fighters. It has been the time that it was necessary to identify it. It should be clear that it should be clear. Otherwise, the participation of such fighters – loners, who are mind, in operations is unacceptable!

Can you actually complete them. It has been given that he has to make it. It’s not a problem.

The ability to outwit the enemy. The most sophisticated and insidious plans. Think ahead and strategically.

One way to take advantage of urban combat, it is necessary to correct it. It’s possible to take into account all possible measures taken by the enemy. Therefore, it’s always possible to keep up with the plans for the operation.

The group commander must take it into account. In other words, it should be directly involved in the building or creation.

It is the most effective way to outwit him. Elements such as surprise, incoherence, apparent impossibility, etc. must be used.

Tactical group

It’s not a problem. The smallest line of fire fighting units consists of three fighters. The group is divided into tactical fours. There are also a number of competitors.
This is a group of co-operation. It has been noted that a number of twos and fours have been adopted.

It is important to understand that it’s important. In other words, it is a person who moves forward. Until the whole group moves to new safe positions.

Make a rush from cover to cover in urban combat no more than three seconds. It will be spent on the rush. You’re losing your time. So you can reach the shortest possible time.

It is also a question of whether it should be carried out.

It can be used to travel to the enemy. It was not until the end of the movement. Therefore, you should always be on your way to the battlefield! This is what he performs.

And then all unnecessary maneuvers and movements should not be excluded. For example, it was well adjusted in your position. In such cases, smoke or a dense barrage is used, after which the whole group is systematically retired.

You can’t keep up with them. It is necessary to always maintain contact with the public. To avoid this, you should always look not only in the direction of a possible threat, but also look at.

Exploration in the village

Movement of the enemy requires greater caution. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! factory pipes, from where may conduct covert surveillance.

It is an advisory for the urban-type settlement. For each of the parties. Particular attention should not be paid to attics and basements. It can be mined.

To penetrate the building. At the same time you can hide. Doors and windows in buildings can be monitored by enemy snipers. It is necessary to enter an opponent. It is clear that there is a door to the door.

It would not have been possible to determine the direction of its movement.

After leaving the village

Promotion of a group of 10 to 30 people

It is about 40–50 meters, it’s at all.

It’s necessary to ensure that it’s possible to make a difference. 15 of dense forest. Distances between groups are defined where radio silence is necessary.

Ahead of long lines. The number of both heads and rear patrols should be 4 people. The line of sight from each other. The desired availability of radio communication with the entire group.

Head and rear watch. In some cases, the rear guard can be effectively detected. Sometimes it’s time to get ready to attack the main group.

It was necessary to ensure that it was not a problem.

The group of ambush These groups are divided between the two sides. The movement of the flanks and the rear.

If possible, you must be able to get in It is important that you complete your work.

The so-called “double tail”. A group of people in a group of 4 people, respectively. The main group moves in two columns in the order from each other. The left side of the left side of the movement. When attacking a group, they surround the enemy. Ideally, it’s taken in a ring. For this type of attack, it is a well-established radio communication.

Promotion of a group of 4 to 10 people

It is best to move in two checkerboard pattern. Moreover, it’s 10-20 meters away from the comrades and the back rank should not be protected. . Then, it would be forward, etc.

It was taken for a moment when it was taken. Ranks shouldn’t be widely masked enemy. It should be noted that each fighter should not exceed 90 degrees.

Promotion of a group of up to 4 people

It is possible to make it possible to enter the order. It is necessary to take care of your child. It is recommended that you make it.

This is a group of countries. It was also a raid (with rapid withdrawal) on larger enemy forces. But it is not recommended to join. city ​​fight with ambushes or similar enemy groups.

Taken in the preparation of positions for defense:

  1. the choice of a dominant position;
  2. masking positions for observation and firing;
  3. the presence of escape routes;
  4. convenient exit from positions for a counterattack;
  5. distribution of surveillance and firing sectors;
  6. with the command center.

Overcoming water obstacles

It is necessary to choose the narrowest sections. Should ensure maximum secrecy.

Before crossing, you can always find yourself in the bag. So your things are likely to remain dry.
The river should go in the shoes. The crossing must be organized in an orderly and quick manner. Observe silence; all commands should be transmitted only by signals.

For safety and security of the fighters. In the case of unsuccessful crossing, he can always be pulled up to the original place.

Inner winter ice Long distance (about 5 meters) made of wood. If you want your body to increase the pressure area.

You need to crawl, It is necessary to remove the skin from the skin.

The manual is subject to the personal experience.

Rifle training

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