Growing champignon mycelium at home

So, BP happened. Most of the population died out, a smaller part – holed up in bunkers. There is nothing to grow. The old reserves come to an end? He immediately goes on and on. People are engaged mushroom cultivation in particular, mushrooms in general.

Can not be agitated. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the room temperature. grow mushrooms. But about everything in order.

Medium for mycelium

In peacetime, most of the mushroom farmers were purchased sterile mycelium acquired in biological laboratories. This is already a rather difficult task. The fact is that mycelium is extremely fragile, vulnerable to microorganisms. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a complete working environment, almost like in laboratories. Clean as a sterile instruments.

First we need to prepare a nutrient medium. There are three most popular options:

  • Wort Liter of beer wort + 20 grams of agar-agar. Boil and mix until uniform. Then pour thoroughly.
  • Oats. 30 grams of oatmeal, 15 grams of agar-agar, 970 ml. water. Stir boil for an hour and filter. Pour, allow to cool, sterilize.
  • Carrot. Thoroughly chopped carrots mix with water. Take 400 grams of this extract, add 600 ml. water and 15 grams of agar, then boil again until smooth. Pour, allow to cool, sterilize.

What, in fact, there will be problems. It is not a rule of thumb for a couple. Second, you must have a supply of agar. It can be stored for quite a long time, but these stocks will run out. What to do? In principle, it can be obtained from collagen-rich tissues. And in bacteriology, gelatin is also sometimes used. In the third instance, it is important to avoid the ingress of bacteria. If you prudently stock the Petri dishes – great. If not, you have to improvise.


Crucial moment mushroom cultivation – primary seeding. For this we need a planting material and tools. Grinding the fruit bodies of champignons. Yes, mushrooms reproduce vegetatively well, so that we have enough of one mushroom to, theoretically, prepare a full-fledged mycelium. As for the tools, we will need a so-called inoculation loop. Small hard wire ring on a long handle. Sterile, of course.

So, hands, a suit and possible. It is not necessary to disturb sterility. Glow loop pick up you can scoop several times, carefully igniting a loop each time. For a stable temperature of 24 degrees.

What are the conditions at this stage? mushroom cultivation. The first and main – lack of sterility. In this case, it will be possible to destroy it. It is a rather frequent phenomenon. This is not a panacea. Moreover, even if you carefully observe the conditions of sterility, microorganisms can stupidly live in the pulp of mushrooms. It means that they are eliminated. This is not the case.

It can also be difficult to maintain a stable temperature regime, especially in conditions of limited space. In the case of a thermostat in advance. Otherwise, their temperature should be limited.

Honestly, all these manipulations are not so complicated. During my studies at the medical institute, on microbiology, we had to deal with such manipulations. And even with the utter incompetence of some attempt it worked. All you need is a little practice.

This is what mycelium has been. It is still a matter of fact. Therefore, our next task is to prepare the working substrate. But the article below.

Mushroom cultivation at home. Part 1. Mycelium

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