GSG 9: Federal Police of Germany

History of the group GSG 9

SWAT GSG 9 It was formed in September 1973, and it was formed in September 1973.

In 1972, the Palestinian terrorist organization kidnapped 11 in the Olympic village during the abduction.

The incident ended tragically, since the German police were not trained properly to carry out such counter-terrorist operations. Moreover, when she tried to find out. The operation failed miserably. The remaining 9 hostages died. (Subsequently, this operation was called the “Munich Massacre”). After the incident, the law enforcement agencies thought.

As a consequence, the German government decided to create an anti-terrorism group.GSG 9“Under the leadership of the Colonel Ulrich Wegener (Oberstleutnant Ulrich Wegener) GSG 9 will be the Nazi SS party Schutzstaffel (SS). It has been determined for the civilian population.

The unit was officially established on April 17, 1973 as part of the German federal police agency Bundesgrenzschutz (the Federal Border Service, renamed Bundespolizei, or simply the police in 2005).

Title GSG 9 means “Grenz Schutz Gruppe 9” – The border guard group in Germany.

Already by 2005 the abbreviation “GSG 9“, Thanks to the professionalism of their fighters, has become a whole brand. Education “GSG 9“Sayeret Matkal” and in fact GSG 9 It was her prototype.

GSG 9 takes part in order to eliminate terrorists. The group also conducts various activities. In addition, the group is actively involved in the above activities.

The same division GSG 9 It can provide consulting services for all countries.

In 1977 (Operation Mogadishu), the commander of the Israeli coastal police, Zvi Var, called GSG 9 “The best anti-terrorist team in the world.”

From 1972 to 2003, the group reportedly participated in more than 1,500 operations. In the World Special Purpose Championships “SWAT World Challenge” in 2005, GSG 9 won seven of seven tournaments, ahead of 17 other teams. GSG 9 defended his champion title at the same competition.

Germany offered to assist India in an attack on Mumbai in November 2008. GSG 9 Indian anti-terrorism unit. It could be revived.

GSG 9 Operations

First operation GSG 9, It was the “Magic Fire”. It was carried out in 1977, when it was flying from the Palma de Mallorca to Frankfurt, where it was carried out. The plane then flew around several destinations throughout the Middle East. During this time, it was the captain of the Lufthansa aircraft, Jürgen Schumann.

After the three days of the war, he led him to go there.

Somali ranger units on the night of October 17 to October 18, while the fighters of the group GSG 9, accompanied by two British operatives SAS (as observers and consultants), stormed the plane.

The hostages were rescued. The three terrorists were killed. Only one GSG 9 fighter and flight attendant were injured. The international anti-terrorism community applauded the group GSG 9 It’s been a lot of effort.

British Anti-Terrorism Specialists SAS the terrorists, however GSG 9 It is a glitter when it comes to distract the terrorists.

Known combat operations group GSG 9

  • 1974 – World Cup 1974 (Germany)
  • 1976 – Winter Olympics 1976 (Canada)
  • October 1977 – Assault on Boeing 737 LH181 in Mogadishu (Operation Magic Fire)
  • 1982 – The arrest of terrorists from the RAF Monhaupt and Schultz
  • 1993 – the arrest of the RAF terrorists in Bad Kleinen by Wolfgang Grams and Birgit Hogefeld
  • 1993 – the release of hostages in the KLM aircraft in Dusseldorf
  • 1994 – the release of hostages in the ITK in Kassel
  • 1999 – The Arrest of Martin Kapran in Cologne
  • 1999 – Arrest of the Red Brigade in Berlin
  • 1999 – The Land of the Bank in Aachen
  • 2000 – meetings of the Philippine special services during the release of hostages
  • 2001 – The Arrest of Two Spies in Heidelberg
  • 2001 – Assisted in the release of four German tourists (Egypt, special services consultation)
  • 2003 – Agency for Technical Relief (Baghdad, Iraq)
  • 2004 – Protection of the German Embassy (Baghdad, Iraq)
  • 2006 – World Cup 2006 (Germany)

GSG 9 structure

The bundespolizei GSG 9) governed by the German Ministry of the Interior.

GSG 9 based in St. Number of auxiliary groups:

  • 1 subgroup GSG 9 – regular operations. The first subgroup of the GSG 9 is the counter-terrorism operations. Regular ground operations include hostage taking, kidnapping, terrorism and extortion. The group may also be involved in the protection of important public facilities.
  • 2 subgroup GSG 9 – marine operations, for example, hijacking ships or working on oil platforms.
  • 3 subgroup GSG 9 – parachute group.
  • 4 subgroup GSG 9 – technical and technological support. This subgroup supports the subgroups. It is also responsible for the purchase, testing and distribution of equipment. Specialists of the technical subgroup are also predominantly blasting specialists. They are specially trained for mining, demining and ammunition.
  • Support and support department. Equipment and weapons of combat groups.
  • Division of maintenance of communication devices and surveillance. Equipment and communications, including testing and repair.
  • Division of the main control unit. Carries out general management of the detachment GSG 9.
  • The educational center. It is a group of people who are in the field of training.

Preparation and selection in GSG 9

Candidates are selected for the Federal Border Service, who has served at least two years. The soldiers of the Bundeswehr must be resigned from their ranks.

Personnel pass in the unit. In addition, the medical examination is carried out. Three candidates are eliminated. It is a 22-week training program. Trainers, trainers, trains, hijacking, airplanes, trains, trainers.

Hand-to-hand fighting, general physical training (cross country training, cross country training, parachute training), criminology and law. An unsatisfactory grade from the training squad. In practice, the number of subjects expelled at this stage is about 10% of the total number of subjects. A special place in this list is, of course, fire training. There are several types of firefighters who have been trained. They are taught from helicopters, cars from under, cars from under fire, from roofs of buildings, etc. There are three hours of daytime shooting. On the basis of the group in St. Petersburg It can be defined as the level.

A group of extremist groups. It is an important subject. Depending on the situation; situations are usually taken from life.

It was a three-month course. It is during this period. Experienced instructors and international co-workers of international special services. There is a possibility that he will travel to landfills. Cadets are in full force. It is a lot of time for your injuries and wounds. There were ways to combat the various missions of the world.

9g command, functional interchangeability of the fighters. Therefore, it is possible to possess as many as possible: a sniper, a demolition man, a guide for a service-search dog, a communications officer, a paramedic, a chauffeur.

Fighters learn to speak foreign languages ​​as well. Language training should be at its best.

GSG 9 train together with all units as: special forces of Hong Kong GDU (Hong Kong’s Special Duties Unit), withGEO Special Unit (Spain) SWAT (“Special weapons and tactics group – USA)” SWAT World Challenge “.

Armament and equipment

Fighters wear overalls and berets in dark green or brown. Shoes – light black sneakers, in particular strength. Titanium body armor and helmets with radio intercoms mounted in them are used. When performing tasks, depending on the situation, employees may change into ordinary clothes.

The division has a fleet of jeeps, motorcycles, vans, minibuses, armored personnel carriers, trikes. Radio-controlled microtank is used, it is used to

When performing combat missions, employees use night-vision devices, various listening devices, chemical bacteriological, and radiological weapons. It has been confirmed that it has been approved by the radio.

It is a weapon in the world. The pistol-machine gun NK MP5; A variety of these weapons are used, including night sight, PBS, LCC. The group may be automatic rifles Steyr AUG, G36, NK SL8. Sniper rifles of the NK G22, NK PSG-1, Glock pistols of various models, including .45 and .357 caliber, Beretta 92FS, OHWS with a silencer, revolvers, grenade launchers (including automatic OICW), various machine guns.

If necessary, use various special means; smoke cartridges, create fires, and combat armored vehicles.

GSG 9: Federal Police of Germany

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