Guamega Korean frozen and dried herring

Away from traditional food stereotypes. Virtually any product can be cooked in absolutely any way. It is worth it. So you can start with something simpler. For example, with traditional Korean dried herring – Gwamegi.

Actually, yes. It is possible to keep it a long time), not only fry, as our narrow-eyed woman. it. Yes, it is at least unusual. Yes, it is a bit strange. Turns out to be fish

But the most interesting thing in the recipe guamega – external conditions. It is also a very interesting way to handle. Yes, sometimes it is not her cause, but saury. It’s a bit easier to deal with.

Let’s cook with the fact that cook classic guamega It can be at least -10. The fish is caught in the cold. At night. It is a good idea to have a nice day. And at night the procedure is repeated. And so from 4 to 10 times. At the same time, it is advisable to do this on the seashore, where the cold salty wind additionally salts it. And dehydrates. Therefore, no additional components for cooking guamega not necessary.

After these procedures, guamega just dry it at room temperature. It can be different from the board. In the second case, it is, of course, kept longer and better. It is necessary to ensure that the cycle of defrosting / freezing is necessary. And with them – the eggs of potential parasites. After all, even the fish that have been caught freshly caught fish.

Cooked guamega They are eaten both in pure form and added to soups. Yes. Not only was the herring dried, it was also cooked later. If we destroy your food stereotype, then completely. And the Koreans eat them well. Moreover, they even hold on, guamega in particular.

But why do we need to know this? Well, to overcome the food stereotype is in itself cool. It can be stored for a long time. But yes, it can be said.

Menu rescue: Gvamegi &# 8212; korean dried herring

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