Guide on diving operations in the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a directory.

Diving work on the course.
Diving in winter.
Survey of the bottom of the water area using underwater vehicles.
Rescue and other emergency work under water.
Diving descents in conditions of water and airborne radioactive and toxic substances.
Descent of helicopter divers.
Features of diving descents in the highlands.
Diving in aggressive fluids.
Descent into water at elevated temperatures and solutions of increased density.

Section 3.


Organization of diving descents and methods of diving operations.
Engineering and reconnaissance diving operations, engineering and technical diving operations, diving operations during the construction and restoration of damaged bridges.
Diving work in the restoration of wooden and metal bridges.
Inspection and repair of hydraulic structures.
Diving work in the repair of underwater pipelines and cable lines.
Rescue and evacuation diving operations.
Special diving works.
Diving work to find mines, bombs, shells and other types of ammunition.
Underwater demolition work.

Section 4.

Determines the storage, maintenance and maintenance of diving equipment.

Section 5.

Determines the procedure for medical support of diving operations. Causes, signs, measures of prevention and treatment of specific diving diseases.

these sections in the diving guide offered for download are missing.

Diving Guide in the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reference book DOWNLOAD the book

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