Guide to the assault team in the CQB

It’s a little bit different. passing doors in CQB (Close Quarters Battle *). The opinions were divided into two camps – a method of defense, an aggressive method, and an adversary of cautious, rather defensive tactics. But in one view there is no need to get a bullet, storming the room.

“When we’ve been in our ranks, we’re going to teach our soldiers the intricacies of the CQB,” he said. “

Life priorities

Priorities of life –


  1. CITIZENS: Random passers-by, hostages, the public, etc .;
  2. GOOD GUYS: police officers, teammates, troops and forces, etc .;
  3. BAD GUYS: suspects, enemies, people harboring a suspect …

Often, we’re quite experienced guys, and I’m not sure about our goal. It is a clear understanding of how to develop your own business goals.

It is a large number of variations. The door opens to the door. There is a possibility that you can face in CQB.

Any procedure must be fully combined with previous actions. For example, it should not be allowed to enter the door. the room. This is a direct security threat.

Rifle training

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