Guide to the RPG-18 anti-tank grenade, device, techniques and rules of firing.

, as well as urban facilities. 

RPG-18 anti-tank grenade is an individual weapon consisting of a single-use launching device in the form of a smooth-bore telescopic type tube and a grenade located in the starting device. The starting device serves to direct the flight of the grenade. It consists of outer and inner pipes.

Grenade caliber, cumulative action. It has armor penetration, which makes it possible to wage an effective battle with all types of modern tanks and self-propelled artillery systems of the enemy. The grenade consists of a head part and a jet engine.

The main tactical and technical data of RPG-18.

Caliber – 64 mm
Length in the stowed position – 705 mm
Length in combat position – 1050 mm
Weight – 2.6 kg
The initial speed of the grenade — 114 m / s
Range of a direct shot at a target 2 meters high —135 m
Sighting range – 200 m
The time of the transfer of the launcher from traveling to combat – 8-10 s.

The best shooting results are obtained within the range of a direct shot..

The concept of the RPG-18 anti-tank grenade.

When firing a rocket anti-tank grenade, there is no recoil. The recoillessness during firing is ensured by the outflow of powder gases back through the barrel of the launching device. In the rear part of the starting device, a fuse is placed, closed by a bolt plate with a rubber seal. When fired, the flame from the fuse is transmitted through the tube (gas duct) to the igniter of the grenade’s jet engine.

The grenade is fired using a jet engine, the powder charge of which completely burns out during the movement of the grenade in the barrel of the starting device. When the head part of the gigant meets the target (obstacle), a cumulative (concentrated, directed) jet forms, which penetrates the armor (obstacle), strikes manpower, destroys weapons and equipment, and also ignites fuel.

To prevent the grenade from moving in the launcher when transporting in the stowed position and to keep the grenade from falling out at declination angles in the combat position, a stop is used. During transportation of the RPG-18, the stopper is pressed against the glass of the back cover. At the time of the shot, the end of the stopper is unbent and the grenade is released from the mount. After the grenade leaves the launcher, the stopper jumps off the pen when it is opened by centrifugal force.

Contents Manual RPG-18 anti-tank grenade.

Chapter I. The purpose, structure, operation of parts and mechanisms of the RPG-18 anti-tank grenade.

Appointment and combat properties.
Concept of work.
Starting device.
The work of parts and mechanisms in the production of a shot.
Painting and capping.

Chapter II RPG-18 anti-tank grenade firing techniques.

General Provisions.
Shooting position.
Shot production.
Cease firing.
Features of methods of firing from coverings and skiing.

Chapter III. Rules of firing RPG-18 anti-tank grenade.

General Provisions.
Battlefield observation and target designation.
Selecting an aiming mark (sight) and aiming point.
Choosing a moment to open fire.
Keeping fire, monitoring its results and adjusting.
Shooting fixed and emerging targets.
Moving targets.
Limited visibility shooting.
Shooting in conditions of radioactive, chemical and bacterial infection.


Guidelines for folding fired launchers and destroying failed grenades.

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