Gurkha Nepalese warriors in the Great Britain

Gurkha – the people who live in the Kingdom of Nepal. Warriors of india


The history of these mercenaries is in 1815, the Indian subcontinent. The British then laid eyes on Nepal. But, having entered into Nepal, they received strong resistance from the Gurkhas, one of the peoples inhabited this country. The capture of Nepal has failed. Gurkhas, armed only with long curved blades, kukri british As a result, they did not retain independence, and the Gurkha themselves. Then the first Gurkha regiment was formed. He made his first appearance as a British soldier.

Gurkhas is quite a stir in the wars of the 20th century. The Germans were afraid to accept hand-to-hand combat. In addition, in Burma and Indochina, the Gurkhas formed the basis of resistance to the Kwantung Army (the Japanese). It is a warrior in the gurkha brigade.

Recruitment and training

For at least 17 years. Basic requirements for the candidate: he must be physically fit, without deviations. 15. The maximum period is 30 years.

At the moment, only one brigade of 3,500 men is serving in the UK army. The brigade is stationed at Church Cruchem in Hampshire. The soldiers, as always, are recruited in the mountainous regions of Nepal. The competition is huge: 200 seats claimed by 28 thousand people. As a result, the selection procedure is considered one of the toughest. Anonymous, for example, must run for 40 minutes with a 20-kilogram load on his back.

The brigade consists of:

  • 2 infantry battalions – infantry without armor. All infantrymen receive parachute training. One battalion is deployed in the UK, the second in Brunei;
  • 2 squadrons of combat engineers;
  • 3 communication squadrons;
  • Logistic regiment;
  • Military band
  • 2 half-parade for parades

Rank system

  • Subedar Major (corresponds to the major)
  • Subedar (captain)
  • Djemadar or Naib Subedar (lieutenant)
  • Havildar Mayor (Senior Sergeant)
  • Havildar (Sergeant)
  • Naik (Corporal)
  • Shooter

Previously it was thought that the gurkh officer ranks were lower than any other British. In addition, the Gurkha officers could not command anyone except the Gurkha themselves. However, today this rule has been abolished, and the Gurkha has been the ranks of the British army.


British infantry can kill. But kukri. This is a big knife, curved forward. The knife is universal.

Gurkha Nepalese warriors in the Great Britain

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