Hakarl – the menu of the survivalist: the dried meat of the Greenland shark

Man is an omnivorous creature. Moreover, it is extremely omnivorous. It can be devoured, even after special “training”. Although we will tell you about it. Why? And because I really like the theme of “punitive cooking”. And because such dumb dishes clearly survived, which was inherent in humanity initially. So join.

Today we will talk about a person who doesn’t follow his principle. Almost nothing. It is a smell. So, hacarles (or hawkarl) – Greenland shark meat.

Actually, people eat sharks for a long time, as, indeed, the sharks of people. But only the last 200 years, it was confrontation with a crushing score. But this is not the point. Any shark is a huge pile of meat. Yes, hard, yes, not always tasty, but meat. It was even a great deal. But not all.

Greenland polar sharkGreenland polar shark

It is a great depth of water. It is constantly exposed. In large quantities, it accumulates in large quantities, and it accumulates in small amounts. Due to this negatives. It is ABSOLUTELY inedible for both marine and land. Yeah, right now.

Seriously, I can’t imagine how the Scandinavian fishermen thought of neutralizing shark meat. Most likely – a combination of good luck and despair. Well, a bunch of corpses in the process of refining. It became possible to eat. Ammonia, of course, is worse than the toilet toilet. That’s what it is hacarles. But how is he preparing?

So, we take one greenland shark, gut it and chop off the head. We want to clean the sand The water is not poured. It is a good idea to throw in the stones, for additional pressure. And for 10-12 weeks about hacarles you can forget. During this time, it will be possible to follow the process.

The carcass is dug up, the carcass is dug up, it is dismembered. Ventilated area And you can forget about it for 4 months. It flies away. In due time, carefully holding the noses, hacarles You can remove it, cut it off, crust it.

The process of making hakarlThe process of making hakarl

As a result of all these procedures, we get a yellowish meat with a “exotic” flavor. It is not the skin that has been treated. for almost six months.

But the medal has a downside. If a hacarles will not be stored long enough, then it will be too much. which can lead to poisoning. Fortunately, most of the industrially are manufactured by scale. hakarl being tested for safety. So you can only poison “home craft hacarlemSomewhere in the Icelandic outback.

The finished product of industrial productionThe finished product of industrial production

“If you made it here,” you ask. And the fact that the Greenland shark sometimes swims almost to oh. Northern Sea. Some of our colleagues will be taken away from the sea. It is a shady creature. So don’t forget about it.

Survival Menu: Hakarl &# 8212; Greenland Shark Dried Meat

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