Hammock: Comfortable overnight in the forest

do you like hammock If I’m not I have been hiking since childhood, but I discovered this accessory relatively recently. Then he went from hammockthe maker up hammockthe researcher, then hammocksisterer and eventually older hammockgadfly So, if you are going to purchase hammock, but don’t know what your finest hour has come. In the post below, I will tell you which hammock you need it.

So, the first question: why hammock do you need it? By losing your balance in a horizontal position?

If so, what is the best place to lie? Bed? Sofa? Maybe a feather bed? Wrong! The best lying device is hammock. However, not all so simple. In the order to get the most pleasure from the process of choosing the right one. hammock and hang it correctly. Let’s start in order.

What kind hammock choose? I was lucky and my first hammock, the one i climbed in was the right one. I later decided to buy mine, I bought some bad ones several times. hammocks this is NOT THAT. After a couple of years hammocks I have been formed. hammock.

Hammock design

Perfect design hammock is a cocoon. Fortunately, this is one of the most common designs, so there will be no problem with choosing models. Why this one? First, it gives the weight of the body from the back to the side. Secondly, it doesn’t dig into the body. hammocks. Thirdly, it’s a bit more difficult than to fall out. We will not dwell on them.

Hammock material

The best material for such hammockand is parachute silk. Why precisely he? Durable, lightweight, beautiful to the touch, in short – the perfect candidate. Standard hammock If you’re not so strong, you can safely invite hammock a girl It’s because of its design, it’s not a physical contact.

Hammock Sizes

One of the last important discoveries for me was that size. It is important that you make it. This is x .. can be small as well hammock must be great! I’m thinking of it when I’ve made it. It turned out that its dimensions were 2×1 meters, which was far from ideal. Carefully hammockit should be at least 2.7 m, and its width is 1.4 m (and even better, 1.5 m). It is a bit of a cutting edge.

So, hammock we have chosen, now we are approaching the question …

But how to hang a hammock?

I want to touch on the issue of fasteners. The following: the end hammockIt was stretched through the old Soviet sportswomen. It is clasped to a rope.

Please note that usually hammockand go without ropes, i.e. I want to buy 5-7 mm thick. Cut 2 pieces of 6 m each. Why exactly these sizes? I’m not sure that I’ve got it, hammockbut on each side the distance between the trees is about 5 m.

I’m not sure that I’ve been able to reach the trees.

In addition, if there was a loop in this way? that it will be 6 meters on each side, which will increase our range to 11 meters.

We assume that you are ready to pull hammock. Good results are much easier to achieve together. Of course, you could hang hammock If I am, this should be avoided. So, let’s say you’ve got to The trees to the thickest. Thickness of 20–30 cm. It will not be tied to tying them.

Step by Step Hammock Hanging Process

  1. Both participants are comfortably later. You’re trying to stretch in the opposite directions from each other, struggling. The result should be hammock strung like a string exactly between the trees.
  2. In order to check exactly did you pull the hammock, need a third person. It should be in the middle hammockA and B are equal. This is important. It is not equal to correct.
  3. You must be able to move around the tree. At this point, the main thing is not to stupid. If you’re stretching part of a stretch of a stretch of a stretched part
  4. After that, you begin, NOT WITHOUT TENSION, to move the rope even more. Once or twice wrap a tree
  5. And finally go to the consolidation. It’s not a problem. Then find a couple more and repeat this process.

What are all these (seemingly) complex manipulations for?

Let’s start in order. Hammock hangs hammockit will squeeze 0.5–1 m under your weight. Thus, if you don’t need it, it’s a normal height. If you’re squeeze on the ground, it’s a little bit more than that. Correlate with a stretch are also associated with this moment.

Now about fixing. Why not a banal knot without any hemorrhoids? Mainly because you have to take it off at some point. It will be a bit more difficult for you to untie it. It has been shown that it has been shown. It is a great deal of effort to make it easy.

Well, finally, the last moment – safety check. If you did everything right hammock will hang securely for the next hundred years. However, you shouldn’t have been able to make up your mind.

To check it out, be in the middle. hammockand press it with your hands. Strong. In this moment hammock It is wrapped around the tree – to drag on. Do not worry, this is normal. You can move on. Hammock ask a little more, but eventually stop.

You can hang in the middle of it. Hammock If you are a woman, you can’t assume that you’ve completed a race. In the future, it will sag. Feel free to go.

However, I must warn you that lying in hammockIt will not take action. And God forbid if you have hammockIt is a bottle of beer, it is a bottle of beer, it is a bottle of beer, you can get it.

Hammock: overnight in the forest

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