Hammock tent with insect protection: how to choose?

Both with the concept and the look of a hammock, people have known each other for a long time, but nothing stands still and moves transforming. That hammock from a privileged garden attribute has become a light tourist construction, which is the name of a hammock tent.

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    • 1.1 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 2 Selection Criteria
  • 3How to use
    • 3.1 Mounting steps
  • 4What model to choose
    • 4.1 Camping Hammocks
    • 4.2 Hammock Cocoon
    • 4.3 Hammock with crossbar
    • 4.4 Hammock DIY


A hammock-tent is a piece of strong fabric equipped with rope joints, thanks to which it is attached between the trees. Equipped with mosquito net and extra weather cover.

It is designed for traveling light, have a different size range. There is no need to talk about maximum comfort, but for all that it has many pros and cons.

Hammock tentHammocks with crossbeams and without, but for travelers extra sticks nick what.

Separately about the fabric – durable waterproof fabric is selected, it can be a classic – flax or cotton, and artificial materials endowed with increased strength and lightness.

The same difference in design features, it can be a light flat cloth or endowed with many components, in the form of pockets, insulation and other improvements.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before proceeding to the characteristics it is worth saying a few words that everyone chooses exactly what he needs.

Therefore, it is unambiguous to say what is good and bad is impossible, but the main differences exist.

Best qualities:

  • low weight is an excellent solution for minimalist tourists;
  • does not require a special place, the main thing is two reliable supports for the suspension;
  • quickly mounted;
  • with a set of sleeping and tent more convenient to sleep;
  • do not reach the ants and various creeping creeps;
  • reaching the place of spending the night, even at night, do not have to look for places to install and free it from stones, sticks and cones;
  • it is quite possible to make yourself from an ordinary awning, pulling the canvas between the trees.

The disadvantages include:

  • designed for one or two people;
  • during bad weather lack of comfortable accommodation;
  • in cold weather it freezes much faster.

Hammock tentYet in favor of a hammock say such things as uneven terrain, dense forest and the ability to go unnoticed, especially since you can always protect yourself from mosquito nets from annoying mosquitoes and have a complete overview of the terrain.

Criterias of choice

This is the most interesting, if you choose between a tent and a hammock, it is definitely difficult to say, but we will try. The tent is good in a company where there are children, long parking, transport accessibility and relatively flat and large area. Also without a tent is difficult in the steppe, where there are no trees.

Hammock is for fans of extreme hikes, where tourists pass through forest and mountainous areas that exclude the installation of tent camps, hammocks are indispensable for this category, and how can we talk about the benefits.

There are conditions under which tourists adjust. Usually hammocks are always completed with an awning, here are all the advantages on the face. Stretched awning in the form of a tent and a hammock under it, a dream of comfort. An improvised bed will not pull moisture from the ground, a reliable roof will protect against bad weather. The use of additional insulation in the form of a sleeping bag or a light pad will not allow to freeze.

In the tent it is much easier to wait out the bad weather, you can get together with the company and have freedom of movement, in the hammock they are deprived of it, you will have to enjoy the sound of rain and wait for its quickest completion alone.

Like tents, hammocks are better placed away from the passages and driveways, to determine places away from dead wood and protected from the wind.

It is better to choose a hammock for a hike without a fixing crossbar, so it will be protected from overturning. The presence of additional pockets and fixtures for fixing a mattress or sleeping bag will be very useful, since the usual hammock is deprived of such an opportunity, sometimes there is no place to put things, you have to invent storage places for them on the ground, which is not very convenient. No protection against unsolicited guests.

How to use

Installing a hammock is much easier than a tent, takes no more than 10 minutes. The only problem remains to find suitable trees. But remote distances are well compensated by an elongated rope.

Mounting steps

It is necessary to uncover the hammock and fasten the ends to the trees. For fastening it is better to use slings instead of usual smooth ropes. The advantages of the lines are in loose cords, which are interconnected by rare nodes, these cords securely cling to the irregularities of the bark and prevent the mount from rolling under the weight of the hammock.

A protective mattress is placed in the lower part to protect against wind and cold, a sleeping bag is spread on the surface.

Well, if the hammock is equipped with a mosquito net.

Hammock tentFurther, it all depends on the completeness and the selected model. Hammocks are equipped not only with additional pockets, but also with lower undercoat where you can put a backpack and it can serve as additional protection against cold.

Above also provides protection from rain, it can be included or you can use a regular awning. To do this, above the mount of the hammock, stretch the rope, throw the tent over it and fasten it to the ground with extensions. It turns out improvised tent, with a comfortable bed under the roof.

Which model to choose

Hammocks are distinguished not only by the use of fabric, but also fill them with technical capabilities. The simplest is considered to be the usual canvas at the edges pulled together with ropes from two sides, which are connected in loops for fastening. Then begins the rampant fantasy and design.

Camping hammocks

They are divided into summer and winter, the forms are simple and complex, equipped with pockets, mattresses, mosquito nets, and additional functions. Prices range from fullness in the range of 10,000-30000 rubles. By design, some of them resemble entire tents floating in the air. Convenient because the mosquito net is mounted on additional guides, where it is just as easy to attach a protective awning.

Top models worth seeing:

Summer beginner hammock for summer use of the company Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro, equipped with a mosquito net, has a large size, it is convenient not only to lie, but also to sit. Simple and convenient, minus – the lack of a protective cover;

The Eagles Nest Outfitters Blaze model – a traveling mattress hammock, thanks to a special filler, will protect from cold even in severe frosts, and the protective fabric will not allow moisture to penetrate. The downside is the lack of pockets, protection, use in the summer is not rational;

Hammock tentHammock Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest – the basic model made of durable material, capacity is designed for two people, able to withstand heavy loads. Minus – the lack of additional accessories, is used without insulation only in the summer;

Hammock Lawson Blue Ridge – a suspended house, equipped with a mosquito net with a raised top, provided with aluminum arcs. It has additional fasteners for a blanket, and a special bottom structure that does not sag, providing comfort during placement, additional waterproof protection will ensure comfort even in heavy rain. Minus – the high price and stops can cause tipping.

Hammock Cocoon

This device is reminiscent of a bean pod, made of a fabric that does not care for moisture and wind, it is equipped not only with a mosquito net, but also with a lot of pockets and backing, with additional insulation, even severe frosts will not penetrate inside.

Hammock with a crossbar

A great thing for a double option, the possibility of piling on each other is eliminated, it is more convenient to sit down, the disadvantage of this design is the risk to roll over even with a slight wind or changing position relative to each other.

Hammock do it yourself

Any fabric that can withstand the weight of a person can be adapted for the manufacture of a hammock, for this purpose a regular awning can be used, which can be securely attached between the trees.

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