Hand to Hand Combat: What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

Hand to Hand Combat: What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

Not only are there decent people out there, and someday you can also be attacked by an armed thug who will kill you for a few dollars. If this situation arises, do you want to freeze and die, or do you want to learn to protect yourself? Hand-to-hand combat focuses on survival in a violent situation, when people need to concentrate and use their knowledge and skills to defeat an enemy.

As such, there are numerous examples of martial arts of reality that are even taught in military training systems, such as the Israeli Krav Maga and the Russian Systema. The point is that each training program is very specific, and takes into account our fight or flight instincts, but in this article we tell you all the basics about how to fight and what movements you can use most successfully.

Overcome fear in combat.

When we are in danger, we tend to run or we face our enemy, which produces numerous changes in our body, starting with the release of adrenaline. Our heart starts to pump blood even faster, our pulse accelerates and our breathing accelerates. So we are no longer calm or focused, but we are anxious or even frightened, which is perfectly normal.

Also, if we get hurt in a fight, we may not see, hear or move as quickly as before, and the reality of martial arts takes all these changes into account.

Hand to Hand Combat: What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

The best thing you can do is overcome your fear not only by learning the right moves, but by creating a new survival-oriented mindset. If you are attacked in the street by someone who has a weapon, the truth is that the possibilities are not in your favor and that you are in a situation of life or death in which you do not even have time to think. That is why you must learn to act quickly, instinctively and with skill.

However, the purpose of your survival is to get rid of your enemy even if that does not mean winning. Sometimes it is better to immobilize and run, than to return for a second round.

What are the best techniques?

There are many movements that are used in hand-to-hand fighting, and it is good to be familiar with all of them in case you need to use them. However, we have made a list of the most effective and simple that really work and that everyone can learn.

# 1. Eye gouge

One of the best hand-to-hand combat movements is the ocular gouge. The purpose of this is quite frightening, since you must blind your opponent by crushing their eyes or trying to get them all together.

Hand to Hand Combat: What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

You’ve probably seen it before in movies, and it works like this: you press the eye sockets of your opponent with two of your fingers that slide under the eyeballs. This is to crush the eyes inside your skull.

You can also use your thumbs for this movement, but this time you must aim at the inner corners of your enemy’s eyes. This is for when you try to take your eyes out of your occipital cavities.

# 2. Elbow blow

There are many types of elbow blows that crush your opponent quite hard, such as:

  • The strike from low to high With this movement, your goal is to hit the other person under the chin. You can do a lot of damage here, like breaking your jaw or even your neck if your blow is strong enough.
  • The horizontal hit This movement is meant to hit some soft spots on the body of your enemy, it can be on your body or on your face. If it hits the body, it can give you a paralyzing pain when it points to your stomach, your liver (on the right side of the abdomen) or your spleen (to the left). If you hit the face, you can leave your opponent unconscious completely.
  • The base of the blow of the skull –Hitting your enemy in the back of his head, where the part of his brain called the cerebellum, can completely immobilize him or even render him unconscious.

# 3. The long knee

You can use your knees to hit the soft parts of your enemy (like your abdomen, for example) or even your head. But this particular technique is used when you have little space available. It works like this: you try to get your opponent close to you by keeping your hands on the back of your neck, while pushing the knee into your abdomen or groin.

Hand to Hand Combat: What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

The key to this movement is pushing with the hips. The last thing you want is to hurt your knee; This bone tissue can be hard, but it is also very easy to hurt.

# 4. Knee up

This technique is similar to the previous one, but instead of pushing your knee into your abdomen, this time it is pointing to your head or chest. If you hit your head hard enough, you can leave the other boy unconscious, and if you hit the chest, you can lose your breath and can not move for a few seconds.

You can apply this technique, especially if your enemy is leaning for some reason, if you have a bad posture or if you are trying to use the long knee and try to escape.

# 5. Punch in the throat

Of all the painful blows, this can mortally wound your enemy, because with the right blow you can crush your windpipe. That means you can not breathe, some bone fragments can get stuck in your neck and you will be unconscious in a matter of minutes.

Hand to Hand Combat: What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

The key is to aim at your Adam’s apple with an uppercut, a hook or even a jab, which you can handle under those stressful conditions.

# 6. Stepping hard

This technique is very useful if your enemy has fallen and you want to make sure he stays there using a couple of specific hits:

  • The stomping down … This is a standard stomp, and you’re basically hitting the man’s abdomen or groin if you want him to be immobilized, with a lot of pain or even at risk of internal bleeding. However, some people prefer to aim at the knee, because breaking it means that you are sure that the enemy will not be able to get up and fight.
  • The stomping of the ax … This time you will not go directly to attack your enemy, but you will actually use a backward swing for this. The point is that you will put all your strength in your heel, which will make all the hit in your abdomen or even in your face.

Imagine what this can do if you wear boots or even high heels: you will literally crush your enemy’s skull. If you want to put more force in this movement, try to bend the knee of the leg that you have behind and then hit, because that will give more impulse to your blow.

# 7. The nutcracker choke

This movement is perfect if your enemy uses a shirt with a collar and if it is already on the ground. This will allow you to grab your collar by the sides of your neck, lift your head up and use a twirling movement of your pinky fingers to orient the knuckles of your index fingers on both sides of your Adam’s apple. At this point, you can crush your Adam’s apple without much trouble and painfully stop your enemy’s breathing.

If your target is not wearing a collared shirt, you may find it more difficult to make this movement, because you will have more work to do to keep it quiet.

# 8. The hook

This is one of the most basic hand-to-hand combat movements, and it works well if for some reason the enemy supports you. Simply insert your index fingers through the corners of your mouth inside your cheeks and pull.

Hand to Hand Combat: What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

This technique helps you inflict a decent amount of pain and control your head. Not to mention that you also have the element of surprise in your favor, which will cause you to panic for a couple of minutes, enough for you to act.

However, be careful to keep your fingers inside your cheeks or, otherwise, you might be able to bite them.

# 9. Disasters

The knockdown technique is really useful to put your enemy on the ground and give you an opportunity to escape or the opportunity to hit him harder and keep him there. The strikes associated with this movement are:

  • The knock down of the leg … Taking one or both legs and lifting them up, while at the same time pressing the rest of your body in the opposite direction with the upper part of your body, your enemy will fall.
  • The sweep of legs This time you are not using your arms, but your leg. The point is that you will surprise the enemy when he tries to grab you by holding him back and then pushing him with your foot behind his foot. This will trip and fall.

# 10. Disarm

Another thing you have to learn is how to disarm your enemy, since most of them can have a weapon or a knife. The purpose of this technique is to achieve equality with your opponent, after which you can apply one of the previous moves to get away.

Hand to Hand Combat: What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

Disarming someone with a gun … So, the first thing here is never to be in front of a bullet, either on the left or on the right. Pretend that you are surrendering and raise your arms, then slide to one side and take the hand holding the weapon. Then, you will press your hand with your forearm and you will take out the weapon. The best thing now would be to grab the gun yourself.

Disarming someone with a knife – This can be done by stopping it while striking with your hand inside your forearm, after you have previously stepped out of your way. You must hit him hard on his forearm or even squeeze his wrist so he can release the knife. Again, a good idea is to hold your knife and, literally, you have the advantage.

Why should you learn these movements?

Maybe you live in a dangerous neighborhood or have to park your car in a place where there are no lights or people, you may end your work shift in the middle of the night or have been attacked earlier. There are many reasons why you should consider learning these movements, but we believe that the most important are the following:

Self defense

It is very good to be prepared for every situation that may arise. We do not live in a very safe world and everything can happen. What happens if you meet someone trying to steal you in a dark alley after leaving work? Or what if there is no one around to help you?

Hand to Hand Combat: What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

The Genovese case is one of the most famous cases in which these hand-to-hand combat movements could have helped a young woman who was attacked several times in front of her parents’ house by the same person, before being killed. And the neighbors saw everything, but nobody thought of calling the police. But even if they had called the authorities, they might not have arrived on time, and that is not a risk that you should be willing to take.

Martial arts do not work as well on the street.

You may think that martial arts can help you more in a dangerous situation, but the truth is that they can not deal with the reality of street fights. They help you learn complicated techniques and, if you manage to become a professional, you can rely on your fighting skills.

Hand to Hand Combat: What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

Otherwise, you may have less chance on the street because, instead of quickly immobilizing your enemy, you will waste time thinking about what you should do. The movements that we have listed above are fast, intuitive and can work independently of your physical strength.

In addition, the martial arts assume that the opponent is not fighting dirty and that he has no weapons, which is not the case with the thugs.

They teach you the weak points of a person.

Even if your enemy is very muscular and fit, he has the same weak spots in his body as the rest of us: his abdomen, his groin, his neck and his head. Going into these areas with your fists, elbows and knees can cause a lot of pain and make you unconscious, giving you enough time to run or wait for the police to arrive.

Hand to Hand Combat: What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

Either way, even if you are smaller or you weigh less than your attacker, you can hit him quite hard and you have the element of surprise working in your favor too.

What else should you know?

If you have been attacked before or if you have to go through dangerous places at night, and you are considering hand-to-hand combat training as a valid solution to your problems, there may be other things to help you.

Learn everything you can

Street fights are a topic that people often write about, there are many articles you can find online about this, as well as free YouTube books and videos. So do all the research to see which techniques are most appropriate for your particular situation and for your specific mentality.

It is easy to learn to apply the technique of eye removal or trituration of the trachea, but some people can not do that when it comes to pushing. That’s why it’s better to learn things that you can really do.

Power train

This is a great way to improve your muscle mass and make sure that if you hit someone, you do it hard.

Hand to Hand Combat: What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

In addition to this, strength training can improve your reflexes and flexibility so you do not trip over your enemy when you are trying to defeat him.

Cardio train

Run, swim or jump in your apartment, everything works well for your heart to pump and gain more resistance. What happens if you need to overcome your enemy and you run out of breath? Also, being in a street fight can also take your breath away quickly if your physical condition is not very high.

Learning to drill

Get a heavy bag of at least 50 pounds and exercise all your uppercuts, hooks, bumps, knees, kicks, ducks, etc.

There are many free YouTube videos for this if you do not have access to a gym, but the best thing is that a heavy bag teaches you what to expect in real fight situations. The reason is that you will see what the proper weight transfer means and how to maintain your posture and posture with the help of your core muscles.

Hand to Hand Combat: What You Need to Learn to Save Your Life

That said, all this information is for your own protection and prevention, but remember that sometimes it is better to avoid the fight, especially if you are not ready to do everything necessary to survive.


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