It is a subject of controversy in the network. I’m an ardent knife-makers, and 10 friends who are both weapons against weapons. It’s amazing, “I’m not a smoke, I’m not a smoke, I’m not a smoke

But there is no need to talk about it. , nevertheless, its supporters), and try to debunk them, or vice versa – confirm. And you’ve already decided to take it easy.

Myths for those who are against weapons carrying

1. It is useless. He will be taken away from you

According to their statistics, they can’t make it anymore. They were just sharp “like diarrhea” – they moved skillfully and sensibly.

It was a ping-pong.

2. A knife in your pocket is a magnet for bad events. If you do not wear – then there will be no problems!

Haha, no matter how. Trouble will be, even though you’re dressed up in pink and get armed with balloons. That is, in this case, for sure. Wearing a knife doesn’t affect the victim. This comes from the assessment of behavior and – most importantly – a person’s self-confidence. The gop-stop will be much more accurately.

On the other hand, they say confidence. He doesn’t need any extra holes for his body.

3. I pulled a knife out of my pocket – use it! Or do not show it at all!

Not sure in that way. It would be more correct to say “I got a knife – be ready to apply.” Well, it will cost you a bit.

I’m stating it. I tried to find out where I was a phone. I wasn’t been brewing, whether it wasn’t then I became interested in my jacket. It has been shown that the knife has been cut out. The guys somehow quickly disappeared … Miracles …

If you really want it. It will stop it, it will stop it, it will stop it. However, there are large areas of the body. Remember this.

6. You will be able to choose your knife.

Complete nonsense. It is not clear how to keep a stick.

It is a great deal of effort.

7. Why do I need a knife?

Recall the famous video, where Instructor Ziro with a pistol confronts Douglas Marcaida, armed with a knife. For reference: In particular, in particular – in pistols. Marcaida is an expert in the Philippine knife fight Kali.

So, Nozhevik attacks, all positions and situations. The results are as follows:

  • Zero has no prospects.
  • It appears that. However, it’s not a problem.
  • At a distance of 3-5 meters, Zero’s chances are around 50/50.
  • The pistolman guarantee.
  • The distance is doubled.

So here it is. I think you will make your own conclusions.

These myths, as I said, are actively exaggerated by those who are against weapons. It can be seen by the knife-cutters themselves, the sidelines. It will make it possible for you to take care, even if you are beaten.

But there is something else that can be seen. The knife is a tool that is designed to solve certain problems. It’s sharpened for your needs. It’s the easiest to solve the problem. Orchestrated box for your teeth. Hehe.

In short, never mind the jokes. Act. Something like this.

Self defense

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