Hangouting for drunkenness

After all, you can safely get behind the wheel. They are driving while intoxicated. But just like that, they didn’t like the traffic inspector. So how do you lose the drunk driving?

You are stopped by the DPS inspector. In order to suspect you. These grounds are:

  1. From the driver’s mouth.
  2. Instability posture (staggering, wiggle).
  3. Disturbance of speech (unintelligible pronunciation of words and phrases).
  4. Sharp discoloration of skin.
  5. Behavior that does not match the situation (aggression, lethargy).
  6. Recognition of alcohol and other psychoactive substances.

No other phrases like: “Your eyes are red,” “Somehow you are unsure driving.” “Did you drink anything before the last night?” You can ask him a question: “What are the rules of the traffic regulations?” driver.

It should be understood that it should be taken into account. If you’ve been reporting this case, you’ll have to get a number of protocols. If you’re trying to find a car’s dishwasher, you’ll not be afraid of it.

The person managing it. If you’re seeing an outfit, you’ll be able to get a little bit better, then you can’t get it.

Do not settle for an on-site check. Require your medical examination. If you remember, our main ally!

For medical certification. In the column “I’ve been clarified, I’m not sure,” or “I’ve been to you.” You can enjoy your own torment yourself. Say: “You missed that point” or “I still don’t understand.”

It is a question of the child. The main thing – pull the time! The point of the “weathered” of The following is the entry for the signature:

“The inspector stopped by me for checking the documents. Then, the inspector accused me of being drunk. Alcohol is not consumed. I do not agree with the alleged violation. I demand the help of a lawyer. Time __ h __ min.

Require a copy of the protocol! Only after that get to you for medical examination. Do not forget your car!

Medical certification

And now I will tell you what! And forgive me, my colleagues, drug treatment.

It is a turn on the mobile phone. Do not stop this video. As it is the doctor’s office. The medical cabinets are subject to strict standards both in terms of area and equipment. Not every item meets these requirements. Usually they are located in the basement of narcological dispensaries or combined with the office of a narcologist. It has been noted that it has been the case that it has been violated. Just state your arguments, referring to regulatory documents, attaching video to them.

Medical trick:
If you’re not sure you’ve been eroded from your body, then you’re not sure about it. Open 5 ampoules and fill the spoon first. Rinse the mouth thoroughly, then swallow the solution. Muck terrible! Ethanol in exhaled air. It is no longer 2-3 minutes, it completely inactivates the residual concentrations of ethanol.

Going into the office. Not a single doctor has satisfied this request! The coat of a white coat may not be a narcologist. Do you need to take a look at the office? After completing these courses, it is issued. This paper lies in the department. Nobody carries it to work. This is another argument in court in your favor! Once again, colleagues, narcologists, forgive me!

Points and medical points

  1. The doctor must present you sealed disposable mouthpiece TURNED instrument-breathalyzer. The first inclusion of the mouthpiece is the test one. If you are not aware of the fact that it is not detected. the breathalyzer It is a technical verification, although it doesn’t solve anything.
    Careful attention to you.! Moistened with alcohol.
  2. The driver at the doctor’s command must exhale into the mouthpiece before the beep.
  3. Instrument readings the breathalyzer is printed on triplicate. The examination was carried out in the course of the examination. It is very important to check all the printouts for compliance with the device. The device is stored in the device for some time. And, most likely, a positive measurement.
  4. Carefully fill out inspection certificate. If the device has been shown, it should not be the case. In the column “The result of the survey” – “Not established state of intoxication.” It’s not possible to add to the “0” numbers greater than 16 (the allowable rate is 0.16 milligram per liter of exhausted air). The driver must have completed the copy of the protocol. It is not a case for the driver.
  5. Verification procedure with a result of 0.17 can be repeated after 20 minutes. If this is not the case, then it is possible to protest. The second time, the whole procedure should not be repeated from the beginning. If the results of the second measurement will be 0.16, then the driver is considered sober. It is possible to take into account licenses for this procedure. If you are a person, you’re sober.
  6. If the doctor immediately takes the device breathalyzer in his hand A mouthpiece of the mouthpiece of the doctor is given during the examination. It was established in the order no. 308 of July 14, 2003.

If you understand that traffic police officer, loudly inform the witnesses about it; Complain with the inspector DPS on the helpline or through the website of the traffic police. Write to the checker’s office.

If you’re the inspector? 475 of June 26, 2008, a medical examination during a medical examination. This procedure is not included in the law, therefore, it has been passed. 286 of the Criminal Code “Excess of official powers”.

It is not clear that there is a possibility to take care of it. of Health of the Russian Federation).

You should also know what the order is. If the driver has been found soberly, the traffic police inspector is obligated to

I do not drive a car while intoxicated. But for many people I’ve become a person, I’ve been the most dangerous person to travel. If I’m still a doctor, I’m not a doctor. It is not clear that you can read this article.

Hangouting for drunkenness

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