Harassment at school: 10 facts, how it happens,

One article about baiting at school (or, as is now fashionable to say, school bulling, from ang. bullying) I also decided to go in my 5 kopecks.

Harassment at school

  1. Any school – model of social relations without admixture of civilization ethics. Irrelevant incentives hound the child.
  2. Anyone who finds himself Wednesday checks you for lice. It happens at school, in a summer camp, in the army, at work, in a team of professionals, and rightly so.
  3. Human history over several hundred thousand years survival. 99% related to survival.
  4. The chances of survival are higher for the group., therefore, must comply with the standards. Any newcomer should be checked for compliance with the standard.
  5. Standard.. Standard means to protect one’s identity. If capable, then everyone recognizes and respects. If you are not able to -.
  6. The very process of hiring and the first 100 days have the same model adaptation period, but let’s look at things realistically. The corporation creates conditions for you to the fullest. Not fit? Nobody will poison – just thrown into the street. So let the kids get used to it.
  7. Parents may not like it, but reality doesn’t care about what parents like. Therefore, it sees the reaction. If there is a reaction of fear, resentment, i.e. man turns into a sacrifice because bullying is a show.
  8. The show will not continue in the two versions. – if the object ignores, i.e. It is not expected that it becomes a reaction. It also works well.
  9. In this way, going to a therapist. It is your desire to understand your child’s life.
  10. How can you overcome the feeling of fear, inferiority, helplessness, imposter complex? It is an easy way to get in touch with this sport. The answer is simple.

It usually happens like this. There is no change. But if the personality begins to become a leader, then through the small victories of the downtrodden Examples are the sea. There is a reason for a child, despite the fear. By the way, fear baboutmore – works very well.

Why is it important? If you are in 99% of the situation As they say – a candle under the head.

It is a composure, which stems from pragmatism. It affects your well-being. Growth tool for the trainer.

Therefore, the coach acts coolly. In addition, there is a great deal of experience in translating students into a resource state. And finally, there is no prophet in his own country. Trainer

The most effective is to take care of your child. This is a case of judo and contact karate.

Want to learn to live with wolves? Put him in a cage to the lions.

It is subconsciously. It has nothing to do with children. It is our fear and stupidity.

If you are a child, then you’re getting ready to go. What will he face? With complete ruthlessness and fierce competition.

I will give an example. When I studied in the 80s, there was no concept of “bullying at school”, there was a cruel school of survival. We had Edik Tkach in our class, a clever Jewish boy. It is a little bit ticking away. His classmates were all twice his size, i.e. he wasn’t

A little girl who is steadily striving towards your throat. It rises at you. If you’re trying to keep yourself up in the classroom.

It turns out that he has to go. If you want to go to school, you can’t get it.

You’ve come to class, everyone’s sitting down, he takes 5 minutes The teacher rushes helplessly, but he …

Continuation in the next series =)

Alexey Krol

Harassment at school: 10 facts, how it happens,

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