Hardening with ice water. How to do it?

We always feel the sows of ailments, it begins to manifest cough, arvi, flu, runny nose, cold.

It has been shown that there can be a number of side effects. In addition, they are very expensive compared to cold water.

It turns out that we can get another disease, sometimes it is out. It is easy to conclude:

One of the most effective health promotion is cold tempering or even ice water. It is not a need to take care of your health. The positive effect will appear within 1-3 months.

The fundamental principles of hardening are consistency and commitment to the regime. It is not necessary to go into the ice-hole. The first time you have enough contrast soul. Contrast shower – a combination of hot and cold water. Always finish with cold water, not hot. He spent the warmth of the warmth of the water. When you feel you are strong enough, go to ice douches.

Ice water will make your immunity more energize until the evening. When it comes to the process. Pouring can be negated.

In addition to diving, it is necessary to engage in exercise outdoors. In general, get used to low temperatures. Cold.

And finally, about douche. Unlike the famous flash mob in the past Ice bucket challenge – It is not necessary to do it in clothes.

Hardening with ice water. How to do it?

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