Hardfiscourt – dried Viking fish

It’s not a problem. Seriously, we’re the least surprised. And as a maximum – puke. But for local it is the norm, because it really helps to survive.

Iceland. It can be called “prosperity” with great difficulty. There is little vegetation. You can tell you how to cook your fish?

First of all, we clarify that hardfiscourt – the original Icelandic name. In literal translation – haddock. The word “hard”, for example, can be described. Ideal cooking options hard fiction There will be no fatty sea cod or haddock (classic), but other species will do. The main thing is that the meat is not stored.

So take a fish carcass, cut it out, cut it out along the spine, while leaving the tail intact. It turns out that it is not possible to connect it to the original recipe, when it’s rinsed in the ocean. Remove the skin, too. Next, hang up a carcass on a wooden plank. They should not touch each other. In the classic version hardfiscourt they are right on the seashore, isolating themselves from possible predators and periodically chasing greedy birds. In this case, it is completely drying, it completely removes all the liquid from the fish. I don’t even know what to do in continental conditions.

That is, yes, hardfiscourt is prepared on the coastal territory. There is an ideal ratio of humidity, temperature and salinity. And there are almost no annoying insects. Time for spring or for the beginning of autumn. It will be sure that it can be dried. Everything will take about two months.

The skin will not be peeled off. This is exactly what we wanted. And now the most interesting moment of Icelandic cooking. Take a hammer and a wooden board until they are white, soft and flat. The skin is finally separated, and we need. What a soak, what a cooking – the descendants of the vikings spat on this nonsense! Hardfiscourt bounces off the fish.

One minus – in marine fish can also be parasites. It will be clearly not enough. It is a long time to get rid of unwanted guests. So take this into account if you cook hardfiscourt from fresh and personally caught fish.

It cant be our stomachs inside out. Hardfiscourt – you can eat quite calmly, provided, of course, the presence of large reserves of water. Well, you always want to drink. And in peacetime, you can not take water, but, let’s say, beer.

Survival Menu: Hardfiscourt &# 8212; dried Viking fish

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