Have a firearm? This is not a reason to be a hero!

Imagine the situation: you go back to your home and see that the front door has been opened, and you know – there are strangers with obviously unkind intentions inside now, and also – there are your loved ones there, and something obviously bad could happen to them. And let’s say you have permission to carry short-barreled firearms or firearms of limited defeat, or you come back from a shooting range or hunting, and you have a shotgun or even a carbine in your case. That is a weapon with you.

So, even if there were no weapons, your first impulse was to bring a firearm to combat readiness and rush inside, make sure that everything with your family is not as bad as it was thought, and slap the bad guys on the very tomatoes. And this, as most coaches of practical shooting and self-defense assert, is a huge mistake. Just because being in the doorway and analyzing the situation, you represent such a good target that any armed criminal will try to immediately take advantage of this opportunity.

The most correct tactic in this case is to call the police and control the entrances / exits, so that the criminals, if they could not quickly leave the premises.

There is a logic in this – if your relatives are inside, then you either will not help them with anything, or they are relatively peaceful (I would like to believe in it) have been disarmed and they can wait for help. And in general, there is no need to risk your life if there are specially trained people who are obliged to do it for you. But there is one nuance …

These recommendations work in those countries where the police are engaged in the prevention and prevention of crimes, and not exclusively in investigating and searching for the guilty. Seriously, the time from the alarm bell to the arrival of the team for the assault varies greatly. For example, in Russia, most likely, you will first come to the usual police outfit, which will already decide whether to call a capture group. And this is the loss of precious time.

And here the question arises – is it worth it to really follow the advice of “professionals”, or expose your life to a notorious risk, but with the ability to solve the problem quickly and decisively? After all, as practice shows, if you kill someone who has already entered your home, then you can count on an acquittal. Nevertheless, despite the ambiguity of our laws on self-defense, this moment is present in them.

But to enter the premises, albeit familiar, not knowing who, where and what is armed – the last thing. It is not just that the special forces are trying not to storm the premises without careful preliminary preparation, but also without adequate equipment, which the civilians definitely do not have.

An indicative case occurred in September 2016. Rob Pincus, one of the most famous fire preparation and defense shooting instructors in the United States, Rob Pincus, driving up to his house after work, found that the door had been opened and outsiders were inside. With special training, a pistol worn with him, and all the necessary skills for handling firearms, Rob … calls the police!

“How many are there?” Are they armed? Where are you located? Even if I knew that, I would still call the police. These guys with cold heads and all the necessary equipment will do better. And I did what every sensible self-defense instructor teaches — avoided conflict, ”Rob said on his page on social networks about the incident.

However, as practice shows, the majority of citizens are still trying to solve the problem on their own. Even the absence of firearms does not stop them. Like, “let the police do what they do best – to describe the crime scene and seek out the guilty ones.” Well, there is no trust among the people in this structure, no. Better take your ass to risk.

In this video, Dave Spalding, the lead instructor at Handgun Combatives and in general a person with extensive experience in this topic, shows how to clean your own house.

“The biggest mistake,” says Dave, “is to hurry when entering a room.” Although, as we said, the main mistake may be the fact that you decided to enter and to be a hero alone.

So there is definitely no right answer regarding what to do in such a situation. We gave you a recommendation – do not take risks, call the police and watch the exit. But the last word will be yours, dear readers.

By the way, what would you personally do in this situation?

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