Headphones for hunting: selection criteria, review of the best models

Headphones for hunting in recent years are becoming increasingly popular. They are able not only to provide comfort for the shooter, but also to increase its sensitivity, increasing the chances of a successful hunt. Let’s look at what they are and what you should consider when choosing.

  • What are the headphones on the hunt?
    • 1.1Passive
    • 1.2Active
  • 2Characteristics taken into account when choosing headphones
  • 3Device and principle of operation
  • 4A review of popular models
    • 4.1Sport EAR XT-4
    • 4.2Howard Impact Sport
    • 4.3MSA
    • 4.4 Walker`s

What are the headphones on the hunt?

Indeed, many hunters do not quite understand why a good hunter needs headphones at all. In fact, it is really an indispensable thing that allows you to kill two birds with one stone. For clarity, consider the existing types of headphones.


Many inexperienced hunters, speaking about headphones, mean passive models. Their main purpose is to protect the ears from the sharp sound of the shot. You can’t say anything – the thing is really good. After all, when fired from a 12-16 caliber rifle because of the roar, the hunter may well deaf for a few seconds. And when hunting, especially if the goal is a boar, a bear or an elk, all the senses should be involved as much as possible.

Passive headphones are usually cotton-filled and contiguous to the ears of the sink. As a result, the roar of the shot can not damage the eardrums, at least temporarily stunning the shooter. It is important that they are relatively inexpensive – due to ease of manufacture.

Alas, there is a serious flaw. Passive headphones muffle not only a shot, but any other sounds. The hunter may not hear his comrades turning to him, to let the dog barking or not even pay attention to the crackling of the boughs broken under the paws or hoofs of the prey. As a result, he himself may well become prey.

Well, it’s not always possible to wear headphones with you to wear them when fired – often you have to make a shot without thinking, almost without aiming. Here, every split second is expensive, so no one will waste time putting on headphones.

So, they can be called a good choice for shooting in the dash – they have no place to hunt.


This is where active headphones come on the scene. They have a much more complex device and, accordingly, their cost is much higher. But in terms of efficiency, they can’t be compared with passive ones.

To begin with, they not only muffle harsh sounds, protecting the hunter’s ears, but also make the quieter more noticeable. Yes, yes, carrying them, the hunter can easily discern the noise of a dog or the cries of other hunters hundreds of meters, a barely noticeable crunch of needles or thin branches for tens of meters.

Therefore, speaking of hunting equipment, experienced hunters most often have in mind the active headphones for hunting.

Characteristics taken into account when choosing headphones

As mentioned above, active headphones – the purchase is very expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to approach their choice very seriously, responsibly, so that after the first hunt there is no desire to change them to more suitable ones.

So, choosing the right model, be sure to pay attention to:

  • playback clarity;
  • cut-off speed;
  • dimensions of earplugs;
  • complete set.

It will be useful to tell about each of the characteristics in more detail, so that even a beginner, who buys the first headphones for hunting, which amplifies the sound, would not make mistakes.

Clarity of reproduction is the most important of the factors. The fact is that cheap models greatly distort the sound. As a result, the hunter perfectly hears the barking of a dog or the voice of people, but he cannot make out anything — neither the style of the barking nor the individual words. Of course, the usefulness of such headphones is very doubtful.

The cut-off speed shows how much time the electronics have (we will tell about it a bit later) is spent on signal processing. Everything is easier here – the higher the speed the better.

Ideally, it is worth buying active headphones for shooting and hunting, capable of transmitting information instantly, but they are quite expensive.

With dimensions everything is quite simple. The bigger they are, the better they protect their ears from outside noise. But at the same time, it should not be too massive to buy. They usually weigh quite a lot and with many hours of wearing their ears just get tired. In addition, massive headphones increase the size of the head – with the habit, wading through the undergrowth, you can begin to cling to the low-hanging branches. Yes, and they look, frankly, pretty ridiculous.

Do not forget about the complete set. Some headphones are equipped with a built-in mini-radio and, accordingly, a microphone. This is a really good addition, even if you have to pay for it. But after that, you can not shout to the comrades of the hunt for the whole forest, but to quietly talk, not advertise your stay, not frightening the prey once again.

Remembering these rules, you probably can get the best active headphones for hunting, which will last for many years and will not disappoint you.


Despite the low weight (only 320 grams), these headphones are highly durable and reliable. On each bowl, two directional microphones are installed in parallel, which increases sensitivity, allows you to pick up any sounds, even the most inconspicuous.

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