Heavy machine gun NSV “Rock”

The large-caliber machine gun is the unit, which is the power machine guns, namely, “I sneezed at yours and your shelter!”. This sample NSV “Cliff”, It was developed by the Russian gunsmiths – Tula, on the Tula TsKIB SOO. The year was 1966, it’s a machine gun – a heavy and outdated hulk. And comrades G. I. Nikitin, Yu. M. Sokolov and V. I. Volkov set to work. 7.62 mm machine gun. However, the model of M. Kalashnikov.

Machine gun task NSV “Cliff” 12.7 mm caliber carriage at a distance of up to 1000 m. Well, or for firing at a distance of 1500 m. The cannons can shoot at a distance of up to 1500 m

They were not used anywhere in the future. It is a process of heating up the chromium plating technology.

12.7 * 108 mm ammunition is used to power NSV, including ammunition with bullets B-32, BZT-44, MDZ and BS:

  • B-32 – armor-piercing incendiary, bullet weight 48 g
  • BZT-44 – an armor-piercing incendiary tracer, bullet weight 44 g. This cartridge and the B-32 were inherited from the DShK and are the most common in the army.
  • MDZ – incendiary instant action, ground unarmoured vehicles. Bullet weight – 43 g.
  • BS – It is clear that the B-32 has been upgraded.

Machine gun easel. But how else to use such a colossus? Machine Model – 6T7 constructions of L.V. Stepanov and K.A. Baryshev. There is a pistol grip. The pusher of the machine gun itself. There is a separate lever mounted on the machine. For pointing horizontally the sector mechanism, and vertically – pivotal. It is a shock-absorbing spring and “fangs”. The whole design of the machine allows you to install 6 × 10 and 6Ч11 embrasure pillboxes. It is not possible to 6 × 6. It consists of a tripod with 360 degrees.

TTX machine gun NSV “Rock”

Caliber 12.7 mm
Cartridge 12.7 * 108 mm
Mass without tape 25 kg
Weight with a tape on the machine 6T7 41 kg
Weight with tape on universal installation 6 × 6 92.5 kg
Barrel weight 9 kg
Weight of cartridge 123-137 gr
Machine gun length 1560 mm
The length of the gun with electrospus 1610 mm
The length of the gun on the machine 6T7 1900 mm
Machine gun height 6T7 380 mm
Number of rifling 8 (right)
starting speed 845 m / s
Muzzle energy 15815-17672 J
Rate of fire 700-800 i / m
Combat Speed 80-100 i / m
Sighting range 2000 m
Direct shot at a target height of 2 m 850 m
The thickness of the pierced armor at a distance of 500 m 16 mm
Tape capacity 50 rounds

The principle of an automatic machine gun is on the discharge of powder gases. Old, kind, reliable principle. USM (trigger mechanism) can be used for automatic shooting. By the way, USM is not intended to use directly on the machine gun. For firing it on the machine. So you can also download it from the machine.

The machine gun design contains original elements; There was no need for additional care to reduce friction.

The bolt block itself is connected to the vapor-withdrawing piston hingedly. The spring is provided with a buffer.

Power machine gun can be both left-handed and right-handed. Thus, from two machine guns, you can build a paired installation. Just such an installation armed boats.

A line of sight bar marked up for firing up to 2000 m and a front sight. Initially, it was a time when designers didn’t have much point. The main sight – SPP 3-6 fold increase. Mounted on the receiver of the machine gun.

NSVT (tank) as anti-aircraft. Installed on tanks T-72, T-80, T-90 and later versions of T-64. In addition, ACS and various armored vehicles. It is equipped with an electric launch.

There were no guns and guns.

In addition to the USSR, NSV was produced in Poland, Bulgaria, and India. It was transferred from the T-72 tanks. In addition to these countries, Iran has not been a license, but it has


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