Hell Week: Change Your Life in 7 Days

100 days that change lives. What about the 7-day intensive? “Hell week“This has been a very serious practice.” It has been a trainer-psychologist-has been a civilian version.hell week“. It allows you to pump life for 7 days.

So why do you need this “hell week”?

Eric calls it a prototype. “perfect week“It would be a dream to live on your topic.”

The general rules of the week are:

  • Get up at five in the morning. It starts at the end of the day.
  • For each case.
  • Strictly comply with the plan.
  • Be active and energetic.
  • Do not use social networks during business hours. TV is prohibited.
  • Friends during business hours.
  • Exercise – every day.
  • Proper nutrition – every day.

Monday habits

This should be done in three steps:

  1. List of those habits that you already have. Recall both good and bad habits.
  2. Decide which ones you want to cross out. As Ovid said: “Habits become character.”
  3. Whats the better. Make a list of what you would like to change. You can start right on Monday morning. First, move the alarm to another location. This will help to partially destroy the automatic chain of your actions in the morning. Secondly, ask yourself every morning the question was: “I’m waiting for?”

Tuesday: mindfulness

Tuesday is dedicated to the development of concentration. Remember how a golfer hits the ball. At first, he takes aim, concentrates, and only then he takes it. If you’re a little golfer

It’s all about mental preparation. It is closely related to the result. It would be clear that it was completely different.

In order to develop awareness get the right questions of the mind. It doesn’t matter how much you love your job. As main as possible.

This is your holy duty. If you are a bar shop, ask yourself: “How do I know all the sorts of coffee? What should be the temperature of milk in different types of coffee? How can I improve my work? What else can I please customers? How do I keep a cup of coffee, do I tell him? “Ask yourself these questions.

Wednesday: time management

It is possible to make it possible. This is a question about how much you need to do.

And most often, we’re skid. We understand that we’re losing control of our hands.

What to do?

The military in such momentsNeed to stop“Set yourself up,”Where am I going?

It is not easy, but it’s worth it. Stop all processes and evaluate the situation. Collect all the details and review the tasks. As soon as you organize your calendar. You need to make a move.

Thursday: outside comfort zone

It comes to your comfort zone.

What is the main feature? You can work on Friday and Friday. And then you take care of the program on Friday.

After this you can understand more. Especially when you can overcome your main fear. You know what he is.

Friday: rest and recovery

It is a problem. Often we work not only during working hours. It turns out that our brain and body are always in a tense state. We can not afford to relax even one day.

However, this we will do on Friday. At five in the morning take a hot shower. It’s a fun way to make it. shop. Take care of all these things in a row. Feel the master of the day. You can want whatever you want.

Saturday: internal dialogue

We hope you can get up again in the morning. And today, Eric proposes to arrange a “day of happiness.” This is the day when your head is. All day you will enjoy the positive dialogue. This is what happens to you.

Start tracking each blocker. Every time you make it out.

Sees the possibility of any difficulty.
Winston churchill

Sunday: we think about ourselves

This is the last dayhell week“What did you learn? What did you learn? What did you learn?

In the middle of the day, reward yourself with a gift. Hell of a week. You did it, congratulations!

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