Hematogen – a product from bovine blood, rich in hemoglobin

Hematogen (from the Latin haematogenum, and ancient Greek, where ????? “????” – born the belly ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? “” blood blood, blood)))) 2)

But we will begin, perhaps, from history. The animal caught freshly caught. Moreover, this is still practiced. Take at least the Nenets and Chukchi. Blood water deer. It is a traditional black pudding, it is a mix of black blood soup, “Spartan soup”, where it’s not used. It has been determined that it has been determined that it has been determined that it has been determined.

Hematogen then

It is a rather natural thing. This is what I had to get out. The result hematogen.

If you think that it was a sweet tile, we would like to disappoint you. Initially, blood and egg yolk. Unbound the proteins responsible for blood coagulation were removed from there. Hemoglobin into a liquid. In the original recipe it was ether. Tastes that hematogen was terrible, kept poorly, but somehow fulfilled its function. It was called “Hamatogen des Dr. Hommel ”and was actively used in Switzerland since 1890.

And then, as they say, flooded. It is possible to produce different dosage forms. It is not a caring for you. Bioferrinum, Kronenhaematogenum, Eubiolum, Perdynamium, Dynamogenum, Fersanum, Haemalbuminum, Sanguinalum, Haemolum, Haemogallolum, Haemakolade But, as was already mentioned, there was no standard, it was not “right,” but it was “cheaper”.

And the official standardized hematogen appeared around 1917, when pharmacology began to turn into the industry. And in 1924, when the then “effective managers” from the Gosmedtorgprom got to the industry, hematogen put on stream. The same time it is useful. Plus, bovine blood still needs to be disposed of somewhere. So hematogen very quickly became one of the most common drugs in the Union.

What about in Europe? Europeans have not been able to eat blood, even if it has been specially processed. Began to be made using ferritin from pork liver. European nations did not object to this. And on hematogen still looking with wild amazement.

Hematogen now

However, time passed and hematogen also changed. The fact that hematogen represented originally. This is perfectly visible by the way GOSTs have changed for him.

For example, hematogen composition The 50s was as follows:

  • Dry blood: 5%.
  • Ascorbic acid: 0.12%.
  • Sugar, molasses, honey, condensed milk: the rest.

And modern – such:

  • Vitamin C: 0.09% to 0.12%.
  • Black food albumin: from 4% to 5%.
  • Starch syrup: from 21% to 25%.
  • Vanillin: 0.01% to 0.015%.
  • Whole condensed milk with added sugar: from 33% to 36%.
  • Pure sugar: the rest.

Not a word about hemoglobin. At all. Biloba albumin However, there is a significant hemoglobin. In short, everything is really difficult. There are a lot of “crushing” articles. hematogen in particular. Say, “clinical efficacy is not proven, co-co-co.”

I used for medical care, I was given a test of laboratory tests. People, you see, it is a pity for cows. And drinking blood is generally barbaric. And in general, animals also have feelings. No comments.

What can I add? Never mind. Unless you cannabis for human consumption. In order not to depend on industry, but to have reserves. However, this is the next time.

Food extraction

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