Hemostatic bundle – 5 most popular misconceptions

One of the most important survival skills. At least – correctly impose hemostat. The number of myths about this. And you can’t tell you about it. Save it in someone’s life.

1. Hemostatic bandage – extreme measure

It is better to use it. After all, it’s no longer dangerous than the bleeding itself.

It is a great skill. Yes, there is no alternative. And you can’t even, Honestly – it’s better to burn.

2. Overlapping a harness is always tantamount a limb.

There is no chance that the race will be irreversible.

Because only an idiot imposes a hemostat for a long time. It’s not a problem. It will help you get rid of your skin. If necessary, it can be a matter of course. Sometimes it’s justified, sometimes it’s not.

If you still need some chances, you still need to remain. Breakdown begin processes. And it needs to be filtered by the kidneys. But there is a lot of person suffers, but rather painfully, dies. BUT. If the victim is connected to the hemodialysis machine, there will be no impact on the kidneys. However, it is not possible to recover. It is a good luck.

3. An excellent hemostat is obtained from the belt.

After all, few carry professional tools for first aid. And almost everyone has a hard belt. So we improvise with him.

The key word is hard. The skin doesn’t need to be cleaned. However, even this is better than nothing. But still it is worth it.

4. Homemade harness no worse than medical

If you don’t have to take it on, then you can’t take it.

But you know, there is some truth in this – especially the moment “no worse”. Because of the classic medical harnesses, I apologize how shit work. It is a fact that it’s not a matter of course. Arsenal can handle. In addition, all of us are well-known and have been properly stored in those cases, if they are properly stored. Otherwise, the rubber shrinks, becomes. But even such harnesses can slow down the bleeding. Do not stop, then not already.

5. There are hemostatic harnesses that work perfectly.

Do you have any feedback?

Honestly speaking, you can’t stop it. It helps to keep out the limb. You need different harnesses. For example, it is not possible to squeeze a blood. And with superficial damage, you can even handle the above-mentioned rubber medical harness.

And yes, even the highest quality hemostat harness will be useless in trembling and inept hands. Provide first aid, too, need to learn. It’s better than nothing.

Hemostatic braid &# 8212; 5 most popular misconceptions

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