Hidden weapon carrying: 8 things you can’t do!

Consider the lifestyle associated with hidden carrying weapons, as well as special workouts concealed wearing and achieve mastery in this.

My advice, Matt Schlüter) Equipment for hidden wearing. You will get a quote from the instructor. hidden wearing. After the course, continue to train, stealth, so on weapons at the right moment.

This is a person who has been able to “light up” your weapon. If you do, it means that weapon it is seen. This approach with “feedback” will help prevent problems in the future.

Choose a personal wardrobe for a comfortable hidden wearing. It can be a lot of effort. Never wear carry a gun in a public place, without making sure your wardrobe is suitable for this.

Places to check and bring equipment in order

Place for equipment checks there should be a closed room

  • Bathroom with partitions – it is recommended to plan in advance weapon check doors, doors and doors.
  • In transport – before adjusting your equipment, look around. This applies to people in close proximity and at a distance. Consider that when parking you can see Surveillance Camera.
  • Cloakroom – fully closed rooms with one-way glass or hidden cameras are preferable.

Safety considerations

There are who doesn’t even suspect anything. There is no room where you can come to you. If the door is not close, block it for a while. In the wardrobe, where you can take holster – listen and look around.

Rising from a sitting position, check that weapons hidden and everything is fine. Get habits in movements and interactions weapon demonstration. The use of quality, functional equipment and garments that hide weapons, greatly helps in this matter. If your equipment or clothing is uncomfortable or unsuitable, change them. Remove the weapon only for its maintenance (and, of course, for its intended use – editor’s note), for discharging and storage.

Finally, the best workout is long wearing.

Which should be avoided

Properly selected equipment and clothing hidden wearing in most situations will often help weapon demonstration or the very fact that you carry a weapon hidden. However, there is a number of bad habits that should be avoided:

  1. PRINTING (manifestation) – to allow weapon silhouette outlined on your clothes (or things), visible to an outside observer.
  2. EXPOSING (demonstration) – holster, weapon or parts of it become visible in public place. Be careful when you pull up, lean forward or sideways, crouch, or climb into your pocket.
  3. TOUCHING (touch) – the habit of touching or moving weapon, holster on everyone’s mind. Do it covertly.
  4. LOOKING (glancing) – the habit of sometimes looking at hidden weapon, checking whether it is in place or hidden. Especially avoid it if someone is looking at you. Learn more about how to travel.
  5. TELEGRAPHING (wiring) – By preparing for or preparing for action, by:
    • ACTIVE TELEGRAPHING (active wiring) – body language and movement. For example, you take a fighting stance, without the need to do it. It can also be sounds, such as the rumble of cartridges, shops, the creaking of holsters, etc .;
    • PASSIVE TELEGRAPHING (passive wiring) – items and clothing. Badges, key rings, patches, badges firearm. This is a case of observer.
    • BUMPING / SOUNDING (collision with a characteristic sound) – contact with the object / furniture / wall, etc., or collision with someone. You can touch you. Very few things hidden weapon. If you are not interested, you can’t get it.
    • FORGETTING (forgetfulness) – don’t forget about you carry weapons hidden. This can be a small and lightweight gun. This can also happen if you are not used to carry a gun. To prevent this from happening, responsibility is required.
    • Dropping (fall) – the fall of the subject, for example, the store, or most weapons. Often occurs due to unrestricted withdrawal from it. The equipment during the movement.


    It all depends on the licensee hidden weapon: will practice, practice again, and practice more. Or not.

    Original article – 10 Things NOT To Do When Carrying Concealed

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