Hidden weapon carrying: the 10 most common mistakes

No one is perfect, everyone is mistaken. But in order not to have to fill our own bumps, we suggest looking at the top ten most common mistakes made when concealed carrying a weapon.

1. Availability of basic knowledge and skills only.

In some states of the United States, for example, to obtain permission to conceal wearing is enough to take courses on safety during hunting. Yes, they will tell you there that it’s impossible to shoot a gun across the road, but this training is not enough to let you go into the big world in which you have to make very difficult decisions.

Study this question, choose those courses where the instructor is not limited to the minimum knowledge necessary for obtaining a weapon permit.

2. Weapons bulging out of clothes

When you have just received permission for concealed carrying, you will try your best not to let anyone know about it. But after some time you will not attach any importance to this.

But a pistol peeking out from under a t-shirt can scare the people around, who will immediately set the forces of law and order on you. Be careful and do not make people worry in vain.

3. Cheap holster

A good holster is not necessarily expensive. There are many examples of great inexpensive models. But the expensive holster will not necessarily be comfortable. No matter what material the holster is made of, the main thing is to wear it comfortably every day.

Not everyone is suitable, but you can learn about the disadvantages of a particular model only after several days of operation. Do not be afraid to try different models and materials, and you will find what is right for you.

4. Wrong clothing

This error has two aspects. The first – bulging or peeping weapons from under the clothes. Armed – it does not mean that you are doomed to wear huge shirts and wide shorts that hide weapons. Experiment, and you will definitely find comfortable and stylish clothes for everyday hidden wear.

The second is wearing tactical clothing, which shouts that you are armed. The essence of the hidden wearing – so that others do not know that you have a weapon.

5. Looking for a weapon

Beginners constantly stretch their fingers to their weapons, checking whether it has fallen out. If you have a good holster, everything is in order with your weapon. Do not scare others with their strange hand movements. Otherwise, the hidden carrying of weapons will not make sense – others will know that you are armed.

6. Exercises in shooting without the use of cartridges for self-defense

In a situation when you have to defend against a criminal, the last thing you want to know is that your weapon doesn’t “like” the bullets loaded into it.

Yes, these cartridges are more expensive than training ones, but these expenses are worth it. It is imperative to know whether the selected ammunition is suitable for your weapon.

7. The situation in which you need to correct the holster

It happens that the holster moves out and needs to be fixed. Do not do this in public. Go to the restroom, get into the car, or retire in a place where there are no security cameras.

8. Periodically carrying weapons

If you are going to carry a weapon with you, wear it always. You never know when it will be needed. And this happens exactly when you do not expect them.

9. Misunderstanding of weapon legislation

It is your responsibility to know where you can carry a weapon, and where you cannot. Fortunately, most gun owners are so knowledgeable in this matter that they can easily pass the jurisprudence exam. But if you are not one of them – be sure to study the laws.

10. Wrong thinking

Most people who carry weapons with them are extremely responsible. They will do everything to avoid a conflict situation, and if this fails, they are ready to stand up for themselves and their loved ones. This is an example of correct thinking. But there are people who consider themselves invulnerable or are prone to escalation. They at the first opportunity get a weapon, or intentionally heat up the situation. Hidden carrying weapons, or not – it does not matter.

If you have a weapon – this does not mean that you can resolve any dispute – on the contrary, you must do everything to avoid trouble. Keep yourself calm, do not attract attention, and you may never have to use weapons in self-defense.


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