Hidden weapons: tips and tricks

It is possible to wear trousers with pockets and an unloading vest in the old fashioned way to cover up pistol, However, in my opinion (Major Pandemic, author of the article – approx. Lane.), this is a kind of sign for the bad guys – “shoot you me”.

The idea of ​​the article – to share recommendations for more convenient hidden wearing weapons. Some of them were derived from their own experiences, others were shared by sophisticated friends and acquaintances.

Specific clothing for concealed carrying weapons

The first point that we will clarify – hidden wearing weapons not just a personal decision and a legal issue. It is also the choice of lifestyle and clothing preferences. For proper wearing firearm and his concealment will have to make concessions and adjust the wardrobe.

Obviously almost impossible to hide weapon in a fully fitting suit … well, well, you can, only his outlines will be visible and this will make it clear what you are hiding. So you need to choose different clothes. This will affect the convenience of the location. weapons, access to it, dimensions weapons, method of concealment, gender and physical characteristics of the owner. You also have to change the style of movement to avoid random demonstration. the trunk, when we, for example, reach for the top shelf in a store.

To weapon hide in a belt, many change their pants to a larger size. Nowadays, stretch fabrics allow easy carrying without it. If you wear not ultra light weapon, I recommend a hard, thick and wide belt, preferably curved ergonomic shape. Many suitable belt with elliptic bend. Its use contributes to ease of handling and weight. weapons. There are those who successfully wear trunk in a belt without a belt. I do not recommend this, unless you are at a sports training.

If you failed to pick up holster, do not conflict with the dressing shirt, then do not refuel it, but put on a sweater or jacket over it. If when you move your hands you accidentally open your weapon or the clothes are pulled up, it is worth replacing to change clothes in the same size, but of greater height. It worked perfectly for me, providing an increase in the covered area in any movements, without making it look baggy. It is useful to get t-shirts and shirts with a long hem.

Cold weather adds problems with hidden wearing and access to to arms. If the frost is heavy, you should think about holster over the belt and use a winter jacket as a means hide weapons.

Gloves and problems they create

The biggest problem for me was not access to weapons under clothes and gloves and handling of the trunk in them. When you start shooting tight gloves, you’ll stop holding pistol on fuse. Some gloves make it difficult to perform weapon manipulations, others do not allow you to stick your finger in trigger guard, rather dense, they even interfere with the operation of the mechanism and can block shutter movement. Choose gloves wisely, test them in advance. shooting range with your weapon. Otherwise, at the most inopportune moment, you cannot even take trunk, about confident handling of him, I generally keep quiet. Perhaps tactical gloves will do.

Types of holsters

I wish there was a solution that suits everyone and everyone, but there is none. The best in the world holster, inconveniently located, clearly not an ideal solution. Talk to your wife about changing your wardrobe to wear hidden holster, and she decides that you called her fat and ugly. My wife is wearing Glock 19 in a purse or Glock G42 on myself.

You need to find your solution. We are all different. Many factors affect carrying weapons, which leads to its diversity from miniature to small, from medium to large, and to a whole host of holster for wearing each the trunk. Many gave up and came to the little one under cartridge .380 fits in a pocket or handbag. This, by the way, is not a bad decision, given the wide choice ammunition.

I can wear my full-size Salient G17 or H&K P30L, guaranteeing the best grip and accuracy, as well as volume ammunition. Depending on the choice of clothing and its combination with holster i choose and pistol. I can take a little Glock 19, or even less Glock 26, or thin Walter PPK or PPP with a universal clip. Can be attached to the universal clip Kahr CM9, Ruger lcr under .357 or under 9 mm, or even Derringer manufactured by Bond Arms. If there are no options, I know that I can stick Kahr CM9 or Ruger lcr in trouser pocket or chest pocket. The choice of style of clothes leads to different options wearing and to different choice weapons.

Typical options are reduced to holsters, placed inside the waistband and outside the waistband, but there are much more options available. One of the old – elastic holsters Garter, Hip Hugger, She Bang and Sport Belt from CanCan Concealment. They have various options. hidden wearing for people dissatisfied with boarding or typical comfort holster. The belt for hidden wearing in the hips is very suitable for women.

Holster in the chest area – another option of wearing a small weapons for women. The design may seem like an invention for the sake of the invention, but for women with a second or more breast size, even large the gun. I was told that the method is effective and very comfortable. A major advantage is a large selection of clothes, under which no weapon is visible.

Women’s handbags as a habitat for weapons

Wish women – consider other methods of wearing weapons. Women’s handbags are often stolen, so there is no point keep weapons in them. Many ladies argued with me about this. There is no doubt that in women the needs of hidden wearing are different from men’s, however, I could not convey the importance of placing weapons on the body. Elastic nabed and under-bodice holsters Great for womenshooters, but not for everyone. An important feature of such holsterweapon Moves from handbag to body, making it easily accessible. I often remind my wife that she does not always carry a handbag.

If you decide carry a gun in a bag or backpack, define a separate pocket for it, where trunk will be easily accessible. One of the serious problems at first is the location at the very bottom of the bag. Specialized carry bags weapons such problems do not create. However, it is not necessary to acquire them. My wife has a pretty handbag with an external pocket, ideal for the gun. This is not the best solution, but it is suitable when other options do not coincide with the style of clothing.

How to cope with physiological needs?

The fact is – we all need to relieve ourselves, but to demonstrate at this moment. weapon rarely approved by law. Some people put it in a flat pants, pocket, or sent to the door. I usually hold it in my left hand for trunk (for right-handed), which frees the other hand and allows you to almost instantly intercept it, if necessary.

Other options for carrying weapons

I can not rejoice at such a device as Clipdraw, for easy carrying in a belt. If you constantly carry a weapon, and the style of clothing contributes little to this, do yourself a favor – put it on your weapon Clipdraw universal version for pistols or revolving (depends on the weapon). Having accumulated experience, I prefer on my own Glokhah wagon If you hold cartridge in the chamber, then take holster, covering trigger guard. There is a piece of plastic in it that hides a brace and a lanyard, which can be fastened in a purse, backpack, or belt. Quite compact holster for hidden wearing, many like it. Some use it at home.

Carrying in your pocket is also an option. Use holster in the shape of a wallet or place a piece of cardboard in front a pistol – will help to hide its contour through the pocket.

Movements that reveal your weapon

If you are secretly wearing a weapon on the side of your right hand (for the right-handed person), train yourself to take objects with your left – use it more in everyday life.

Clothing suitable for hidden wearing clothes, trust her and do not correct. Constant touches attract attention and make it clear that you are hiding something under your clothes … stop it. Another habit, outstanding weapon, serves as an involuntary on-site check whether the weapon. Enough It is here.

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