Hide the key

Anxious position, we sometimes find ourselves in an awkward position. house key and find yourself empty-handed. This does not happen often, but most often at the most inopportune moment.

I’m moving to a new city and settling in apartment house. I couldn’t find keys. I ended up in my apartment. Needless to say, this is the first and last time.

I propose several solutions to the loss problem. house keys:

1. Duplicate key

Make sure you have house keys. If you can help. get home. The trick is to have a few duplicate keys from the house.

But, this is not the most effective way get into the house, you can still get it. And that means wasted time – perhaps a few hours.

2. Near the door

Hold on key under the rug object This, of course, works, but is not very safe. Many thieves raise rugs or shuffle find the key. Needless to say this method is not recommended for key hiding and fails the security test.

3. Special caches for keys

It can be used to make it easy to use it. When they first appeared, they are good. This device is actually a fairly safe way to store. spare keys within reach. It is easy to find it. Sounds good: place The secret key, it is in the dark?

When you’ve been sticking up, you’ll always be stationary. And don’t forget to periodically check this place. Things in nature tend to shift during rain, etc. By the way, such a cache can be made independently (ed.).

4. Inside the pots of indoor plants

Great place to hide keys. Bottom of the bag. The thief is unlikely to check there, so the place is safe. Also, he might not be able to check wherever he might be. hidden key. In fact, it is when extracting key dirty hands.

5. Inside the hollow leg of the garden furniture

Having outdoor furniture key. Someday he will need.

6. Any nook outside the house

The place where the thief is unlikely to search. For example, if there is an exterior cladding on a house, you can store key for her. Or fasten to or inside the drainpipes. Or barbecue grill. Or in an opaque outdoor lighting fixture. The bottom line, I hope you caught.

7. In a prominent place

Last tip, install security system. It is securely fastened and has open combination. With a four-digit code, there are 10,000 combinations, which is quite difficult for a thief. It will most likely not be able to guess one of them. As long as you remember this code, keyless don’t stay

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From key:

  1. Garbage chute, stair railing or elevator / door jamb. Where do you hide one key from the bunch (the most important).
  2. Footwear. Some types of shoes have pockets key it is thicker.

Sure, where you can safely hide key. Suggest ideas in the comments!

Hide the key

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