Hilton Humorous story from the series “Sharks of steel”

We were so small submariners with envy. Well, yes – we had a sauna, a solarium, a sauna, Diesel generators at the periscope depth.

But if you’re thinking about it, then you’re deeply mistaken for a shower. It was considered to be a dream. For three months, I was two times, probably. It was cool to jump into the water at the North Pole. It is subject to the rules of accounting and economy. When they were in the base, then yes – at least every day, go and improve your health. We have been able to complete the process. anything.

So it was in the first autonomous system – one rear admiral of nature bydlyatskaya nature went with us. He talked like a cabman The film has been scrambled. was? I was even interested in the commander: does he have a higher education? It is clear that it has been given the temperature of 36.6 degrees Celsius.

I go to my sauna, I go to my sauna. It’s a bit brittle group.

– What are you doing? – I ask Andryukha
– I’m joking
– In the pool?
– No, in my soul, extremely tired.

I am stupefied with sleep, I stand nearby and also stare at the water. And here I am visited by a brilliant thought:

– Listen, – I say, – Andryukha, go to the pool.
– Fuck, Edik, you’re a genius, your mother !!!

No sooner said than done. They also pissed. Interviewed with a beautiful girl. They wanted everything. It was scored for the crew saved fresh water. The third shift. There is no doubt that there is a possibility of a commander sitting in the middle of a commander’s chair. One of the flagship sycophants is obligingly interested in:

“Well, how did you steam up, pulling the admiral?”

– Oh, and good! It is a wonderful idea to have a pool of water.

It is a nervous breakdown. I tolerate it. I feel my face from the strain. The watch mechanic (my battalion commander) is a ground beetle, I realized that something was wrong:

– Skoki-ka, – he says, – I forgot my notebook there.

It is strictly forbidden to leave your post at sea. Only dead. I pop out there. I should call a doctor. Through tears telling him a story. Begin to ride together. The awakened submariners come out We tell. On the floor ends place from rolling submariners.

He laughed, pulled himself together. It was our commander, the commander, the mechanic, the mechanic, the boat. I’m very smart, I’m looking to click the buttons. I like my professionalism? Commander approaches:

– Let’s tell you the time!

Has told. Commander to lie is not accepted from the sailors. One hundred and twenty meters. They are all belled, their commander, the commander, the boatman, the boatman and the navigator. “Thank you, Edward,” said the commander, shaking my hand, “from the heart!” Never offend submariners. Very much a vengeful fantasy they have developed.

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Hilton Humorous story from the series &# 171; Steel sharks&# 187;

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