History of survival: Andrei Solovyov. Wintering at labynkyr lake

It is important that you find yourself in the least one way? Unfortunately, most modern “survivors” prefer the first option. After all, it’s a 40-degree frost, sitting in a warm room at a native computer. Fortunately, not all survivalists are like that.

Andrey Solovyov, A tourism instructor from Voronezh, And on personal experience this proves. And now, while you are reading these lines, he is preparing for wintering on the lake. Labynkar, what is in Yakutia. It was found that it was a winter season. Journalists of News.Ykt.Ru Indeed, the unthinkable thing is a survivor who really survives. Next – the author’s text.

Andrey Solovyov:

– I decided to winterize on Labynkyre for several reasons. First of all, Labynkyr phenomenon: the lake is very unusual. I was interested in the labynkyr devil found here. Secondly, I’m an instructor in tourism and survival. I can not get it.

In Voronezh, very often went hiking. I also drive lectures. Travel a lot. The Utah, The Utah, The Utah, The Altai, The Utai Plateau, The Utah Most of the mountain systems of Russia, I have already investigated.

How did people close to your venture?

– They are already accustomed.

Where are the radius of 150 kilometers? And what did they say? “OK, go”?

– Yes, it was not my first survival experiment. Already left so long for several months. Therefore, they are, in principle, accustomed.

What is the hardest part of your experiment?

– The most difficult is a psychological factor. Not physical exertion, not chopping wood, not fishing, not food, but loneliness. It is a limited range of emotions. This is the most difficult thing when it comes to overcoming oneself.

How is your usual day?

– I wake up at six in the morning. Until the ice has gotten up a bit, Then I have breakfast, I go to chop wood. Before lunch, I check my hooks: I check if a fish is caught. Then I try to make it like this. I want to go far.

Do you have any hobby? Maybe you write a book there?

– Yes of course! I write a book on the lake. I write down and record everything that happens, everything I see.

How prepared are you for wintering? What is prepared?

– I have harvested berries, herbs, infusions. I will catch burbot in the hole.

How do you eat?

– Mostly fish.

Have you taken canned food with you?

– No, I didn’t have any food stocks with me.

Do you have strict wintering rules? They say you refuse all the benefits of civilization?

– Yes, from the benefits of civilization refused. As for the strict rules, I discipline myself: sometimes, like many people, I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. There is a reserve. Sometimes laziness overcomes, help and cope with it.

What can stop your experiment?

– Only myself.

That is, you can wake up tomorrow and say: “Everything! Has bothered: I collect things and I go home “?

– No, of course, it is unlikely.

How do you?

– It’s -20 at night, ok. Happy even -12 yet.

Can you imagine what is -50 degrees? How are you going to survive?

– Survived in such cold weather. In the highlands of Altai in January and February was -50. He lived there without a stove, so it’s okay.

What is your winter clothing?

– I only had sweaters with me. But Alexey Prokopyevich Dyachkovsky sent me a letter through the Russian Geographical Society today. She is very warm. Thank you very much.

You have no phone or radio there?

– There is nothing.

They say you even without a passport

– No, I have a passport, who told you that? I have everything, everything is fine.

How did you get to Labynkyr?

– By train from Voronezh I drove to Neryungri, from there to Yakutsk – by car. He spent a few days in a row. My backpack with things weighed 70 kilograms. I had to come back: I divided my cargo into two parts – 30 and 40 kilograms each. At first I dragged 40 kg, then I returned and took a 30-pound load. That’s how I walked 325 kilometers from Tomtor.

How do you complete your experiment?

– There’s no such thing.

How long should you be in Labynkyre?

– I can get a warmer. And when exactly I get back home, I’m not decided yet on this. I can even sit here until June.

What are you especially missing?

– According to the books! I have two books that I have re-read three times already.

And what are these books?

– Encyclopedia of survival, “Freedom of the Shaman” Vladimir Serkin.

Believe in Labynkyr monster?

– I do not claim, but I guess: it can be found here. And just have a chance to check it out.

Not yet encountered him?

– Not.

Are you afraid to live in such conditions alone?

– No, I got used already.

What are your plans after wintering, what will you do?

– To release a book about the lake Labynkyr. I am trying to cover everything.

How often do you meet people?

– I have not seen for three weeks.

This morning I read in one of the media that the Emergencies Ministry is evacuating you.

– No, this is a rumor, speculation. Everything is going according to plan, I’m wintering here. MOE doesn’t have a person during a hike.

Why didn’t you bring a gun?

– First of all, because of the weight. It is a bows, spears.

Have you ever seen wild animals?

– Yes, often seen bears, moose, deer.

Tell us about meeting with the bear.

– I met him on the way to Labynkyr. He weighed about 200 kilograms, was 150 meters away from me. I took it out. He was moving towards me, but something scared him – he ran away.

I woke up around the other day.

Two weeks ago, it was not completely up, an incomprehensible dark carcass emerged from the lake. I could not identify her.

Want to say what it was Labynkyr devil?

– It is possible, but I can not say with certainty. Strange things are happening, in September I installed very strong, strong networks – they were so vomiting, God forbid! There are several fish holes, there are several fish holes.

What will you do if you run into him?

– Take pictures.

How will you act in a critical situation?

– No, I will not call for help. I will hope only for myself.

There was no desire to return home?

– It was.

At what point?

– Sometimes slips, try to control myself. Cold and hunger, but psychologically difficult.

From the Editor:
As you can see, the man is really tough. It is strong. This is real survival. It should be an example.

But, I would like to Andrey Solovyov no wonder. The population of Siberia has survived for hundreds of years. It is not “survival”, but the most ordinary life.

History of survival: Andrei Solovyov. Wintering at labynkyr lake

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