History of survival: Jacob Minkov. 7 years on Bering Island

It is known that he knows how to use it. Worst of sailors. Well, even if something is out of the water, and if not? Warmth and tropical water.

And what happened in the conditions of the far north? Where the snow is 8 months out of 12. Where can you get the wood? Where from food – only seals, arctic foxes and fish? There is no tools at hand, and even there are few weapon cartridges? Meanwhile, it was a hunter. Jacob Minkov, who had to survive under such conditions Bering island.

1805 Somewhere in Europe, Napoleon leads to the Russian Empire and the Central Asia. Some industrialists even get to Alaska. What for? For fox. It is a “big” fur coats. Actually, it has been discussed.

The Commander Islands is a small rocky archipelago off the coast of Kamchatka. The largest of them is Bering island. It was a colony Jacob Minkov. Industrialists spent a small pile of skins. But further versions diverge. One of the fossils of the arctic fox should be followed. According to another, it was necessary to sail. Minkov NIHRENA was not left out.

But back to the facts. The ship sailed away Bering island in the company of arctic foxes. Without supplies. Without a fishing rod. With a limited number of rounds. Do I need to clarify that ship returned? Seriously, the story is terribly like a biography Selkirka, landed for his quarrelsome character. Warm island Mas-a-tierra, which were then renamed Isla Robinson Crusoe, Yakov was much less fortunate.

But this is all copyright speculation, because the story of survival Jacoba Minkova We were known only from his words. He has a lot to do with it. He had to endure.

So. Bering island – a hefty rock about 90 kilometers long. There are almost no forests. There are numerous rivers, rookeries and arctic foxes. And winter is near. And what is winter in Siberia? Have Jacoba Minkova, I’m remind you of fishing matches, nor matches, nor normal weapons. There are warm clothes, some clothes and some keen desire not to die. What he does. It makes it possible to make a fish pole, which you can fish. It turned out to make fire. It was possible to make it a little bit more. It feels good, right?

The winter is coming. There is a lot of chance to get in the water. One happiness is not frightened of arctic foxes and seals, and even without a firearm. It is a cold winds winding? So after all, you can go crazy … And in this mode, 7 years … Bering island, which is located from it in 260 kilometers, and even more so. The Robinson.

Well what can I say. It would not be a problem to survive in Siberia. Russian hunter lasted for almost 7 years. Yes, the power of the Russian spirit. Yes, man is really cool. And yes, even let him be left on Bering island for the cause – it’s not for you. It is not necessary to take an example of how to survive.

History of survival: Jacob Minkov. 7 years on Bering Island

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