History of survival: Mauro Prosperi. 10 days in the sands of the Sahara

You can’t test your strength. Fortunately, it’s not a matter of how much you can’t get to the Internet. But you can always be ready. This is exactly what happened to Italian at one time. Mauro Prosperi, during the marathon run.


Marathon is a very difficult thing. But in 1986 it was a classic multi-day marathon in the sands of the Sahara. That is, it is a guideline to distribute their strength. They were so aware of all the participants.

Well, how can you pass your test of your own strength? Here is Mauro Prosperi, pentathlete athlete from Sicily, and could not resist. But it’s not possible. So the Italian began to train. It’s not a problem.

So. 1994, Mauro Prosperi starts his marathon. He is the undisputed leader, he is the undisputed leader. The water is not much torment, you can continue in the same spirit. But on the 4th day a sandstorm suddenly arose (!). Part of the race. According to the regulations, the athletes are not safe. That’s just hard to find shelter right in the middle of the desert. therefore Maroro on it was a safer. But he didn’t see the storm. Fortunately, some shelter to find out turned out.

Problems and Solutions

After 8 hours, the participants have been granted to all participants. Mauro Prosperi had no clue where he was go. Somehow orienting on a compass, he tried to continue. It is useless – no reference points, no signs of a person. In the case of the marathon survive in the desert. Subject to the constant replenishment of water, of course. And she is almost at the end …

Fortunately, in addition to excellent physical fitness, Mauro Prosperi carefully studied the issues of survival in the desert. He urinated still, he could still be drunk. Yes, there is a lot of salt, but it is better than nothing. It was still no longer baking. As he actually did.

It was a familiar helicopter that was flying nearby, most likely a search one. Sandstone is practically unreal. After the incident, it wondered what the signal was going to be. Potential rescuers flew away. Mauro Prosperi continued movement.

On the same day, he was stumbled upon an abandoned building, in which the Muslim hermit once lived. Eloquently hinted at this. However, it is an excellent shelter from the heat. Yes, and there were bats under the roof of the forced survivor. But they soon ended.

There is no water, there is no water. Also, you would fall into despair. So that Mauro Prosperi I have been able to make it a little bit more. But it was not a blood loss. It was a painful, unpleasant and very disappointing. It’s a tough time for you to continue the fight.

Again, it is again catching lizards and small mammals. It was finally decided that she would not go on surviving. He came upon a dry river bed, which led to a small oasis. With water.


A day after the aboriginal people – the Tuareg. They were there for a military base located nearby. As it turned out, Mauro Prosperi accidentally crossed the sea of ​​Morocco, where it came, 300 meters …

For Italian lost 16 kg, for 2 months. But after another 2 years, And then another, and another, and another. Oh yes, she couldn’t.

Well what can I say. This is perhaps what the situation has been. Physical training and practical skills – at the height. This is a desire to survive. Well, it’s a good idea to speak. In short, it is necessary. It is impossible to understand it.

History of survival: Mauro Prosperi. 10 days in the sands of the Sahara

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