History of survival: T-36 barge. One and a half month drift in the ocean

Troubles can be happen anywhere, with anyone, anytime. And if you think you can’t be prepared for an unpleasant surprise. But a catastrophe catches up with completely unprepared people. Actually, this is what happened with the crew self-propelled barges T-36, For a month and a half.


Iturup Island. Where the military unit was located. Kuriles should not have been. Fighters conscripts served mainly on a rotational basis – 3 days one team plowed, then it was replaced. It was just used self-propelled barge t-36. Ease of maintenance, reliability and stability. And that’s all.

The junior sergeant’s team Askhata ziganshina, where besides him were Philip poplavsky, Anatoly kryuchkovsky and Ivan Fedotov. And their three-day duty was coming to an end. It wouldn’t have been the case in the Pacific Ocean. A storm warning was announced, therefore barge t-36 tried to tie more reliable. The soldiers were forbidden to leave their post; therefore, they remained aboard. But everything went wrong, as planned – the barge broke off.


Ability to maneuver in barges T-36 practically absent. Engine power is not enough to resist the forces of nature. There was no risk of rolling over. Ziganshin It’s a good idea. In theory. In practice, alas, stormy waves didn’t allow soldiers to bring this cunning to life. He received several injuries. The elements of fuel consumption were spent for all the elements. Yes, and radio was completely disabled.

After some time, the barge was carried out into the open ocean, where it soon fell. And there could not be any wait for help. But there wasn’t any rescue operation, since it’s been a rescue operation.

It would be a very lively place where it would be possible to keep track of the ballistic ballistic missiles … the borders were closed. To meet some kind of vessel barges T-36 did not have. At least some perspectives. But we don’t give up. And they could not survive.

First, we conducted an inventory of everything that happened. There was no more nichrome. Also damage that barge t-36 It is increased. As for the water, then some remnants remained in the engine cooling system.

Actions and Decisions

Somehow the gap was still up, but still very slowly. But the risk of flooding the soldiers no longer threatened. It can be used to make it out. The storm season is not only the storms, but also the occasional showers. So there was no problem with water.

It was worse with food. Normal leftovers ended. But then I had to – one potato per day. For everyone. Soldiers couldn t fish – there was no bait or tools. Hunting for gulls – too. So I had to cook and eat kersey boots. To make this, they were cut into small strips, cooked carefully, drank the “broth”, and ate the skin. There was little benefit from this, but it was possible to drown out hunger.

It was pretty cool to wake up. Fortunately, it was possible to keep it up.

But the troubles didn’t end there – intervened psychological factor. Ziganshin, Kryuchkovsky and Poplavsky They knew each other. And Fedotov just recently took over the service. And it was he who turned out to be the most susceptible to panic. Only thanks to Ziganshin’s personal conflicts. Otherwise, one of the soldiers would not live to the rescue.

So 49 days passed.

The rescue

The soldiers were in a state close to critical – Ziganshin, I lost weight from 70 kg to 40, like the rest. Panic attacks began more and more often, hopes of salvation were less and less. But a miracle happened. Herald a miracle turned out to be an American aircraft carrier “Kirserj“On the board of which, by some miracle, the wet barge was noticed. The soldiers were questioned (it was just about to-), they were fucked. Even more Americans fucked when they were attacking food, acted very carefully and calmly. Even though this was a state, they had

The survivors were taken ashore, made a copy, made even the citizens of the city of San Francisco, and even offered to stay. No one agreed. After some time, they were returned to their homeland, where the fighters continued to serve.

Since the events have been taken into account. And follow up to the following. In fact, there is no hope. And it wasn’t even harder to hit cannibalism …

History of survival: T-36 barge. One and a half month drift in the ocean

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