HK 433: New Assault Rifle for the German Army

According to the creators, HK 433 should change G36 contingent in Afghanistan.

Weapononononon concern Heckler und koch announced the creation of a new assault rifle HK 433 to arm the Bundeswehr. The shortcomings manifest during operation G36.

With new types of easily replaceable barrels: 280, 318, 368, 421, 480, 503 mm. Weight – from 3250 to 3650 grams. Designed to be a G36, created by the same company, and switched to aluminum. Rifles operate on a piston.

HK 433 created under the patron of 5.56? 45 NATO. Further modifications can be created under the Soviet 7.62? 39 and NATO 7.62? 51.

The design of the rifle is flashing; it can be replaced G36 or from american M16 (standard STANAG 4179).

HK 433 can be equipped with a grenade launcher, optical and laser sights. Butt with adjustable length. To the German Army’s replacement competition G36 rifle will be presented with HK 416. This year the French army has already chosen HK 416 as the main weapon. Also HK 416 Used in the United States of America.

Difference between HK 416 and HK 433 copy of the family of rifles M4/M16 and generally repeats their strengths and weaknesses. HK 433 visually close to Bushmaster acr and FN SCAR.

In 2012, the German NATO contingent in Afghanistan began to complain with intensive shooting G36 quickly overheats and rifle speed drops sharply. So for 150 rounds, it is unrealistic to reach a distance of more than 200 meters.

After checking in 2015, the Bundeswehr refused further purchases of the G36, created in 1995. It’s rifles already received.


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