HMMWV “Humvee”: Army all-terrain vehicle of the US Armed Forces

US Army Rover HMMWV or Humvee (abbreviation from English High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle – “Highly mobile multipurpose wheeled vehicle”, read as “Humvee”) By car and landing.

On HMMWV It creates a clearance of 40 cm. Ankle arms.

Disc brakes are not mounted on each other. The center and the center differentials are adjustable with locking. There are at least 17 species. HMMWV, serving the US military. For example, a paratrooper, a platform for automatic weapons, an ambulance (4 stretcher wounded, or 8 ambulatory), a platform for installing the M220 TOW, transportation S250 and others.

Hummer the ford depth of 76 cm, or 1.5 cm for the ford.

Non-standard equipment includes a winch (maximum load 2700 kg) and additional booking. Modifications M1025 / M1026 and M1043 / M1044 have a set of weapons, including grenade launchers MK19, heavy machine gun M2, machine guns M240G / B and M249 SAW.

The newest option HMMWVM1114 with increased reservations are also equipped with similar weapons. In addition, some cars M1114 and M1116 enhanced security and armored personnel carrier model M1117 There is a single gun system with remote control (CROWS), which is installed. Recent improvements include model development. M1151, replace all other versions very soon.

Replacement modifications M1114, M1116 and earlier armored models for one version HMMWV aims to reduce the cost of routine maintenance.

In the 1970s, the United States concluded that the military. In 1977, the Lamborghini company developed a model. In 1979, a highly mobile multi-purpose wheeled vehicle, or HMMWV. AM General (a subsidiary of the American Motors Corporation), released on the first prototype of the same year. M998. In 1980, other cars were created, including models M1025 and M1026. In total in 1980 over 500 cars were produced.

In June 1981, the army underwent a decree. The company later entered into a contract of production of 55,000 cars until 1985. Fort Lewis, Washington, and the 9th Infantry Division had test benches. HMMWV confrontation of the motorized infantry. The training center in Yakima, Washington HMMWV between 1985 and December 1991, when the motorized concept was canceled and the division was disbanded. In 1989, the Hummers were tested for the first time during the Operation of the American troops in Panama.

Humvee ATVs have become the vehicle for US troops everywhere in the world. Over 10,000 vehicles entered into operation during the Operational Freedom of Iraq;

Originally HMMWV It was considered. It’s not a problem. However, losses were relatively low in traditional operations, such as the Desert Storm. Losses due to urban skirmishes, in battles for Mogadishu. Although HMMWV It never gave way to the firearms and the rocket-propelled grenades. However, it’s not a problem.

After Somalia, the car HMMWV, and AM General developed a model M1114, fire arms. When they were being sent to the Middle East. This modification has been upgraded to a M998 with a larger, more powerful turbocharged engine, air conditioning and enhanced suspension. Moreover, she received a bulletproof glass. General Migration Policy, AM

In response to vulnerability HMMWV iraq M998 a set of “enhanced booking” (“Up-Armor”) was created. This is an innovation that has been achieved.

Although it was available before the invasion in 2003, they didn’t arrive at the kit for all the machines. It was often noted that “soldiers were often killed for their safety,” called “hillbilly armor” or “farm armor”. You’ve been able to reduce your car’s life. suspension chains. In addition, it has been a fire fighting vehicle. It makes it possible to reach the door handle.

Donald Rumsfeld was criticized by the Hummer All-Terrain vehicles. Rumsfeld pointed out it was a war riot. Moreover, improved kits were developed. However, it was about 680–1000 kg that was introduced as homemade armor. Unlike similarly sized civilian utility vehicles, which usually have rear wheels to reduce wiggling, Hummer has single rear wheels thanks to independent rear suspension.

For example, IEDs and landmines, is found. A cumulative jet is also able to penetrate protection, causing injuries.

The field booking kits include the ASK (Armor Survivability Kit), FRAG 5, FRAG 6 Reservation Survival Kit, and an enhanced version for the machine. M1151.

ASK was first tested in October 2003 and had a mass of 450 kg. Armor Holdings version 340 lbs. The Marine Armor Kit (MAK) tested in January 2005 provided better security than the modification. M1114, but also led to an increase in mass. It doesn’t need to be effective. FRAG 6, created to eliminate this drawback, is under development. However, the FRAG 5 has been secured at a great price. Over 450 kg of armor is installed on the vehicle, it has increased by 61 cm. In addition, an auxiliary mechanical device is required for opening and closing doors.

Another disadvantage HMMWV “Enhanced security” can be traced during the attacks, leaving the soldiers inside. It can be used to remove the doors from the car. Moreover, BAE Systems has been developed M1114 with 450 kg protection kit.

It is extremely vulnerable. In the case of the M113 armored personnel carrier, it is in response. It was developed by the United States of America. The new arrow seat is protected by 46-61 cm steel plates with bullet-proof glass. Moreover, some th It is equipped with a remote-controlled gun system (CROWS). The anti-sniper Boomerang system is also installed on some HMMWV in Iraq, and gives it an opportunity.

Another weakness Hammer This is because of the size of the air transport. Dimensions also limit the manual towing of an all-terrain vehicle. In addition, the troops in Bosnia couldn’t disperse along a narrow mountain road.

Specifications HMMWV:

  • Wheel formula: 4×4;
  • Length, mm: 4600;
  • Width, mm: 2100;
  • Height, mm: 1800;
  • Ground clearance, mm: 410;
  • Wheelbase, mm: 3300;
  • Track rear, mm: 1829;
  • Front track, mm: 1829;
  • Weight, kg: 2676;
  • Full weight, kg: 4672;
  • Engines: Chevrolet V8 / Detroit Diesel V8;
  • Transmission: hydromechanical automatic 4-speed.
  • Maximum speed, km / h: 88 (55 mph, 1st generation), 113 (70 mph, 2nd and 3rd generation)


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