Hold knife Benchmade SOCP Dagger and carbine simultaneously

We finish the topic SOCP Dagger knife. In the final of this story, we will look at how this knife works with the main weapon – c carbine. And as an experimental take Aksu. Why him? Because preliminary experiments have shown that the knife is incompatible with conventional weapons. And then how does the “tactical” version. So let’s see.

But in the beginning, as always, the list of equipment:

  • The training version of the SOCP Dagger (because red is better seen in the photo).
  • Gloves Mechanix CG Framer.
  • Airsoft copy Aksu (in obvese)

Well, go to our friends reluctantly.

Let’s start with hold the knife working hand. In other words, the hand that works with the descent. In principle, whatever one may say, but this option of retention, so to speak, is not an option. How do you not hold the knife on which hold, do not hold – SOCP definitely interferes with work.

The most innocuous option is reverse grip with fixing the ring with the middle finger. This is the only way to simultaneously hold the knife and carabiner, in which the knife almost does not interfere. But it is necessary to lower the weapon from the line of sight, as the knife immediately rests on the equipment. It seems to be okay, anyway, we are in a bulletproof vest. But still unpleasant.

If you sit on your knee, and go completely “down”, then you can even stick a knife in your leg. The prospect is also not particularly joyful.

Therefore, you will have to work with a knife with your left hand, and then transfer your hand to the front tactical handle. Here are the options:

Perhaps the only fit of the above, in which the knife does not interfere with holding the weapon by the handle, this is the reverse grip. But…

  • At fixing your thumb the knife is not fixed by the rest of the fingers. He will be talking when firing. Harm from this is not enough, but it will be very disturbing.
  • At fixing knife forefinger or middle fingers, create the most comfortable scheme for holding weapons. The knife does not interfere with the work with the weapon, but there is one problem similar to the problem of working with the left hand with a gun. Recharge In the process of reloading, the shooter can easily stick a knife in his leg, or, clinging to the elements of equipment, lose time.

In short, in a situation use knife with carabiner, in the same way as with a gun, it is necessary to work out the return of the knife to the sheath in order to continue to fully use firearms.

Here is such a voluminous photo report turned out. According to its results, I think you will make your own conclusions.

Rifle training

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