Home brewing, how to brew beer yourself, beer styles, beer preparation steps, raw materials and equipment for home brewing.

, including beer, spoil only for one reason – foreign microorganisms get into them. If beer is poured into an unprocessed bottle through a dirty hose, then wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria will really “kill” it in a day or two.

What to do? In fact, there is a solution. This is home brewing. Since the 70s in the United States, and then in other countries, the real beer revolution has gained momentum. And it was just those beer lovers who were not happy with the situation on the market. They wanted a tasty and varied drink, so they began to brew it at home, in their cellars and garages. Then they wanted to bring their discoveries to the masses and began to open real breweries.

In addition, home brewing is an activity that develops taste and gives new knowledge. Even if you were yawning at chemistry and biology classes at school, then during mashing of wort or laying hops, it will definitely not be boring. You will see with your own eyes how amazing chemical reactions proceed and wonderful transformations occur, as a result of which a set of seemingly unrelated components turns into Belgian ale or English porter.

Book Contents Home Brewing.

Introduction from the authors


Home brewing
Why beer is brewed at home?
Beer styles
Beer preparation steps
Raw materials for home brewing
Home Brewing Equipment
Tasting Features and Beer Defects


Homemade Beer Recipes
How to read recipes
Golden ale in english style
Extra Special Bitter (ESB)
India Pale Ale (IPA) in the English style
Brown ale
London porter
Irish Dry Stout
Imperial stout
Double Barrel Imperial Stout
English style barleywine
Scotch ale
Wee Heavy
Pilsner in the Czech style
Pilsner in the German style
German black beer (Schwarzbier)

Maybock (Maibock)
Bavarian wheat beer
Bavarian Dark Wheat Beer
Smoked beer
Baltic Porter
Belgian wheat beer
Monastery Light Ale
Monastic Dubbel (Dubbel)
Triple Monastery (Triple)
India Pale Ale (IPA) American Style
Double India Pale Ale (Double IPA)
American style pale ale
American Amber Ale
American style barleywine
Chocolate Stout
American porter

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Home brewing, how to brew beer yourself, beer styles, beer preparation steps, raw materials and equipment for home brewing

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