Home emergency survival kit, NAZ, untouchable emergency stock for home and apartment, creation, collection, picking and storage.

It is not necessary to be hundreds of kilometers from civilization in order to be in an emergency. Natural disasters and cataclysms, social unrest and military operations can deprive urban residents of all the usual amenities, sources of water and food. Then you can only rely on yourself and your home emergency survival kit. 

Home emergency survival kit, NAZ, untouchable emergency stock for home and apartment, creation, collection, picking and storage.

Until the situation stabilizes and order is restored, without the supply of electricity, cold and hot water, without central heating, the usual city life will be paralyzed and everyone will be left alone with his own home supplies and skills.

and natural disasters. The organization of rescue measures and restoration work requires a certain amount of time, but as a rule, in these countries, assistance and restoration of the normal supply of water, electricity and gas took three days.

How it will be in your particular case is unknown, so first of all rely on your own experience and analysis of the current situation in the country. For our part, we would recommend taking a billing period of 10 days. During this time, it will already be possible to assess the current situation, predict its development and begin to act actively. To hold out until help arrives or even get out of the disaster area.

3. Calculation of the composition of the home emergency survival kit.

Consider what else you need to stock up in addition to water and food. Try to take into account in your calculations all the necessary needs of a person and pets, based on the fact that there will be no water, the sewage system will clog and you will not be able to use toilets, no garbage will be removed, lack of electricity will not let you know about events in the country, etc. Pay special attention to medicines and hygiene products..

4. Calculation of the amount of home emergency stock.

When calculating the required amount of water reserves, use the following numbers: 3 liters (in hot climates 5 liters) of water per person per day. For pets, calculate the norms according to the data of specialized literature. Such an amount of water will allow to survive disasters and cataclysms relatively comfortably. When calculating the amount of food, focus on 2500 kcal. per day for men and 2000 kcal per day for women, as a rule this is enough for most people.

Values ​​double in heavy daily work or in cold climates. Do not forget about your pets, they also need food. Calculate the amount of all other necessary components of a home emergency stockpile based on the norms of their consumption in your normal life.

5. Storage location for household emergency supplies.

Having calculated the amount of stocks and determining, at least approximately, their volume, prepare a place or places of their storage. The darker and cooler the storage location is, the better will be the home emergency reserve, the products and water included in it.

6. Storage tanks for emergency supplies of water and food.

For stocks that will not be in sealed factory packaging during storage, or for stocks from opened packages, it is advisable to prepare sealed containers in advance, for example jars with screw caps (not glass) or plastic containers with tight lids. To seal them, you can use adhesive tape or tape.

7. Container for carrying emergency home emergency supplies.

It is likely that some circumstances may force you to leave your house or apartment and evacuate to a safe place. For such a case, prepare in advance the right quantity of containers for carrying your home survival kit, such as large bags or backpacks. If there is such an opportunity, then it is better to initially store all home supplies in a packaged and ready-to-carry form. For the convenience of moving emergency stocks, as a freight vehicle, you can use a hand trolley, pram, shopping cart, etc..

8. The procedure for replenishing or updating the components of a home emergency stock.

The replenishment schedule used in everyday life due to the expiration of products, etc. it is better to compose an emergency kit immediately, as it is completed. Otherwise, some of the components simply will not be in place when a home emergency stock is really needed.

The general recommended composition of the home emergency stock (kit, survival kit), the features of its individual components, tips for its collection and storage, we will consider in more detail in the subsequent thematic articles on our website.

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