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It is a set of medicines and medical supplies. This is exactly what happened next, it’s an emergency train. For the most common needs, it can be used for various purposes.

For medical care, it is recommended that you use it. It is recommended that you use it.

There are a few simple rules:

  • In addition to all the following items, there is also a complete list of aid kit. A list of symptoms should not be used.
  • There are also guidelines for how to care and dressing wounds.
  • There is no need to take care of any first aid kit for children.
  • Make sure that you’ve been able to keep track of your dispatcher.
  • If you are on the phone What drugs were used for
  • Do you need to help your family. In case of emergency, excess medication.

So, what should fit in a first-aid kit:

1. Dressings

Plaster, bandages, cotton wool, gauze napkins, gloves, items that are often closed. Or at home, but somewhere where you can’t find them right away. Dressing material MUST be in the first-aid kit.

2. Shoe covers

Keep several shoe covers. If you have to call it a doctor – then he will not waste time on razuvanie. Give it a doctor a pair of boot covers, and he will even appreciate it.

3. Medical devices

Be sure to keep the pressure gauge and thermometer in the first-aid kit. It is advisable to use it.

4. Pain relievers and antipyretics

Get anti-inflammatory drugs such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and nimesulide. They are different. Paracetamol does not cope – use ibuprofen. And if ibuprofen doesn’t help, nimesulide will help. But do not swallow the tablets, follow the instructions.

5. Antispasmodics

It can be followed by a spasm of smooth muscle. Accompanied by this sharp attack of aching pain. In this case, keep in your droverin.

6. Antiseptics

Antiseptics – the most important component of the kit. There are several other uses. Antiseptic, such as chlorhexidine, may reduce sweating of feet or armpits. For disinfecting objects or surfaces antiseptic is also applicable.

7. Wound healing drugs

With small household wounds, burns and abrasions such means as panthenol. It is even better to use it in combination with an antiseptic. It is advisable to keep spray against burns.

8. A set of medicines “for cold”

From the “cold” set, you need a whole set of tools. So, drugs against ARVI:

Interferon. Many people ending up in “-feron” help. They do not make sense.

Vasoconstrictor nasal drops with oxymetazoline. It is true that it’s not a constant instillation? These are the effects of the old generation. Modern options allow you to hold out for 5-7 days, burying the drug only twice a day. Result: the virus retreated, the addiction did not appear.

Remedies for sore throat with antiseptics. Tablets and lozenges are taken. Some contain antibiotics that cannot be used without medical supervision. Keep at home drugs with antiseptics and enzymes, such as lysozyme. It is time to act.

9. Antihistamines

Such drugs are mainly used to combat allergic reactions. In addition, they help to get rid of unpleasant itching after baking or to relieve it. Is different in large doses.

10. Sorbents

Our mother, time-tested, Activated carbon. What else is there to add? If something is not eaten, you can get it up quickly.

11. Remedies for constipation

Constipation is a very undesirable phenomenon. It is a part of the trouble. but you can get rid of it. Or lactulose syrup, which is taken inwards, or medical candles with glycerin. There is no addiction or side effects.

12. Means for oral rehydration

If necessary, it is not necessary to follow the water-salt balance. In this case, restore power.

13. Medications for hypertensive patients.

Captopril This is the last common cause of the death in the world. In no case do not give a captopril with dizziness or “front sights”. If the patient takes them. And, of course, they are called an ambulance.

We hope that you’ll not be useful to you. Be healthy!

Home first aid kit. Selection of drugs and materials

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