Home-made ponyaga-shed, camouflage shelter located at some distance from the earth’s surface, device and manufacture.

Ponyaga-shed, this camouflage structure, which is usually located at some distance from the surface of the earth. What kind of designs the warehouse was not invented. From a pair of poles between branches to whole houses, and transported on a tractor sleigh, and stationary with a roof, loopholes and upholstered. 

Home-made ponyaga-shed, camouflage shelter located at some distance from the earth’s surface, device and manufacture.

Each storehouse is good in its own way, but usually all structures suffer from one serious drawback – it is not always possible to build them in the right place. And it takes a lot of time for the animals to get used to the innovation and stop paying attention to it. The labor costs are also considerable, and the material is needed, and the tool.

Labaz should be done as inconspicuously as possible. It is naive to hope that the beast does not look up. When you make a shed or hut and mask it, step aside, to the place from which the beast may appear. Look at the shelter you made from the level from which he will look in your direction. From below, from the height of the eyes of a boar or a bear, a storehouse may look very different than you see it from the height of your height.

Some hunters and naturalists use portable “seats”, from hammocks to chairs that are tied to a tree. But all this is an additional burden and dimensions. Now on sale there are self-propelled sheds, which are a kind of folding chair, which is mounted on a tree trunk at a suitable height. A similar design, of course, is convenient, but is not cheap.

Ponyaga-shed, the general structure and procedure for self-manufacturing.

An alternative to labaz can be a home-made device called ponyaga-labaz. To make it, a tube is taken that is strong enough to support your weight with a length depending on the size of your back. An aluminum ski stick is good. The tube is filled up with dry sand and bent through an round blank by an arc. Without sand, the tube is very easy to break..

Home-made ponyaga-shed, camouflage shelter located at some distance from the earth's surface, device and manufacture.

The arc should be so large that its edges are wider than the back by no more than 3-5 cm in both directions, otherwise the arc will interfere with walking. She should not stick out and above her head. A hole with a diameter of 6-8 mm is drilled 5 cm from the ends of the arc and a threaded rod is inserted into it, the ends of which protrude by about 1-1.5 cm. A piece of the same tube is put on the axis, the purpose of which is to prevent the arc from converging when tightened nuts.

The second hole is drilled 15–20 cm from the top of the arc, and a threaded rod reinforced with a tube is also inserted here. The purpose of the upper axis is to attach the straps and ropes for hanging the wood. The arch can be sheathed with durable tarpaulin, and it is better to attach thin plywood to it from the back. This will help you carry solid objects..

The second part, that is, the actual seat, is also made from pipe segments, a little shorter in length along the arc. Their ends are drilled and fastened with nuts to the lower axis of the ponies. The free ends are pulled together with an axis and reinforced with a piece of tube so that they do not converge. If you cover it with tarpaulin, you get a folding seat. But in order to be comfortable sitting, you need to limit its “folding ability”.

This is achieved by using two thin strong cables, the length of which is selected so that when folding, a right angle is obtained. The ends are attached to the upper axis of the ponyaga and the axis of the “chair”. It remains to attach the straps, pick up a piece of tube on two ropes, so that your legs do not get tired on weight, and your snag is ready. You can load clothes, equipment and hit the road.

The practical use of homemade ponyaga-labase.

When going out, do not forget to bring along 15-20 meters of a strong lightweight cord, such as a paracord. By attaching a small load to one of its ends, you can easily drop the rope onto a tree and lift your “chair” onto any branch. The same rope will help you climb a tree. Here you will tie a ponag-shed closer to the trunk so that it does not lean back, sit in the “chair” and insure yourself against accidental fall, pulling the cables at chest level with a cord.

Put your feet on a stand, and if you are disturbed by blood-sucking insects, cover yourself with a mosquito net or a piece of gauze painted in a protective color. The white canvas not only unmasks, but also interferes with observation. Unnecessary accessories that lay in the broom are better to hang here. On earth, the beast can smell them. It is useful to have a plastic film with you. In the event of rain, this is your reliable roof..

Features of the operation of the ponyaby labase.

Ponyaga-labaz allows you to have additional devices. A hook for weapons, photos and movie equipment will free your hands. You can attach a rope ladder so that it is not so troublesome to climb a tree. You can also have “claws” in the kit. Ponyaga-shed generally has a lot of advantages. This is not an additional dimension and load, but your assistant, who will facilitate the transportation of the hunted beast..

The meat is put on a “chair”, its end is pulled to the arc of the ponagy, and the clamped pieces are firmly fixed. And wearing equipment in this device is much more convenient than vryukzak.

Features of camouflage in natural conditions.

To hide, dissolve in the environment, there are several ways to mask. Actually, three: immobility, camouflage clothing and various kinds of shelters. However, you should not hope that the beast will not see you, hear or learn, if you spin, break branches, cough and blow your nose, and the wind will pull your smell and smoke from the cigarette to the side from where it should appear.

The first condition for camouflage is as few movements as possible or complete immobility. If the beast is alert and looks in your direction, you can not blink or change the direction of your gaze, because even the gleam of your eyes can give out to you. It remains only to add that each experienced hunter has an arsenal of his own means and methods of disguise, his secrets, his own invisible hunting hat.

Based on the materials of the book “Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Production and repair “.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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