Homemade Drinker Drinks: Ivan Tea

Now the word “import substitution” is very popular. Well, this is when a Russian equivalent. Although this analogue is often simpler and dear. And, as it turned out, this practice is not one hundred years old.

Industrial production began in the Russian Empire. Ivan Tea or copra tea, This is where you can find out about the village of Koporye. It is not only for personal use. Which is extremely strange Blooming sally in some ways even more useful than tea leaves. But first things first.

It is extremely long ago. Long before meeting Chinese merchants and tea. It can be brewed and drunk in small quantities. But there were exceptions to this rule – just Blooming sally.

There is such a weed – broad-leaved fireweed. Or Ivan-tea. Because it is widespread in the northern hemisphere, reaching even the subarctic zones. Extremely hardy, doesn’t require special care, it easily displaces various weeds. And this weed already knows how many years brew and drink. And almost everywhere.

And all because in kipree contains a large amount of iron, manganese, potassium, calcium, tannins, vitamin C and, most importantly, tannin. It is the main active ingredient in classical tea. True in Ivan Chae it’s a tonic effect without causing excessive nervous excitement.

But in the 17th century, people couldn’t have been fermented tea. It is just as good. At the same time, it is much easier to find it. So they have to issue laws prohibiting the collection fireweed.

However, for personal use. And it wasn’t like, of course, good, but the detoxifying ability was much more valuable. Ivan Tea. That is, yes, with a hangover – that’s it. It is a function of the body, anemia, and much more.

Actually Blooming sally in fact, herbal teas. Nevertheless, there were enterprising individuals who were able to get their profit from it. The classic way is “secret recipe of ancestors”, “potion of Slavic gods” and other selling crap. It is not a plastic bag.

However, wormwood better to collect yourself. June to the end of August Blooming sally It is better to wait for it. We need flowers and relatively young shoots. Collect them separately. The flowers are dried to further fermentation. String of fresh juice After that, these harnesses for 10 hours are left in a warm and humid room. And then it is dried in the oven at 100 degrees. All this should be stored in a glass hermetically sealed container.

There is another way to stock. Ivan Tea: dried leaves, dried, baked water After that, they can safely brew. To do this, in a half-liter teapot put 2 tablespoons Ivan Tea, brew for 15 minutes. Dilute with water is not necessary.

Homemade Drinker Drinks: Ivan Tea

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